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Now tea you can become champion of League of Legends with the help of PC Game Pass and pros.

The battle has begun and the time to become a champion has come! League of Legends landed on PC Game Pass on December 12, along with the other Riot Games titles, to satisfy the desire for victory of all members of the subscription service. We want to help you destroy the enemy base, so we resorted to some pro players Y streamers from Latin America to bring you some tips that will help you master LoL.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced player or just getting started in the League of Legends universe with PC Game Pass, we’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to improve our strategy, even when our friends say we’re a bunch. feeders, well no more! Expert players like: Lizbeth Quiroz (MX), Francisco Jara (MX), Tati Barrera (CO) and Margarita Huenuil (CL), reveal their best secrets to help you clear the way to reach the enemy nexus and win the game.

Surely more than once you have wanted someone to give you the secret formula to win; well you’re in luck. The Colombian streamer, Tati Barrera, gives you her recommendations on the three fundamental aspects that will increase your chances of achieving the long-awaited victory:

«My advice to you, Lolero, is that you follow three basic steps to improve your game. First of all, find your perfect ally; your main, your champion with whom you do not fail and you feel safe; sometimes we must try several to find that perfect match; So don’t be afraid of trial and error. Second, be very disciplined and organized! A Pro gamer organizes his game time and does not give up without first reaching an established goal; good players are not made from one moment to another, it will always take practice to be good at whatever you wish. Finally, study the game, look for people with a higher level than you who can give you advice, everything is welcome in the abyss of regrets!

Tati Barrera | @tati.barrera

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect” and even more so when it comes to a game as competitive as League of Legends. Surely more than once you have had a bad streak and you have wanted to throw in the towel, but this happens even to the best and who better than the streamersMargarita Huenuil from Chile and Lizbeth Quiroz from Mexico, to advise you:

“Practice is important in League of Legends, but so is patience. Practice your skills every day; there will be bad days, but the important thing is knowing how to overcome. Do not listen to the trolls that may appear in the game and always keep a positive attitude.

Daisy Huenuil | @Laruchan

“Keep a positive attitude at all times, LoL is a cooperative game and teamwork is essential to win. Join forces with your allies and GG!“.

Lizbeth Quiroz | @lilynn02

We know that in LoL strategy and teamwork are the key to defeating the enemy, but saying it is easier than achieving this goal. Many times we forget that it is a game to entertain ourselves and we do not maintain the positive attitude that Lizbeth talks about so much. This even happens to pro players like the Mexican Francisco Jara:

“The most important part of getting better at LoL is enjoying the game. After all, having fun is the purpose of a video game; so enjoy the process of each game, your friends, and the people you meet. Also, you can learn a lot by watching other people play; That’s something that helped me a lot when I started, I watched videos about game concepts, streamers who had a high level or just people who were good at using a champion that I would be interested in learning how to take advantage of.”

Francisco Jara | @leza_lol

As Francisco points out, choosing the champion you’re going to play with correctly is one of the great keys to getting the most out of your abilities, whether your style is assassins, fighters, mages, marksmen, supports, or tanks.

We are All In that these amazing tips from pro players Y streamers They will help you improve your skills in LoL and better understand the meta of the game. So put them into practice and enjoy League of Legends on PC Game Pass.

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