You can buy cheaper Fortnite V-Bucks in February 2023 by following this simple trick

so many have come out amazing collaborations Come in Fortnite and other non-game franchises that normally Epic Games tempt our wallets much more often than would be humanly desirable. But that’s why I’m here, to tell you a little trick that you can follow if you play battle royale on PS4 or PS5 so that your wallet doesn’t hurt so much when buying items in the game store.

You already know how the move goes: to be able to buy these items, First we will have to acquire paVos packs in Fortnite. Well, on PlayStation there is a way to do it much cheaper than on other platforms and then I will explain step by step what the trick consists of and how to follow it.

Get V-Bucks for less money in Fortnite in February 2023

  • Before beginning, I have to clarify that the safest option is to buy the V-Bucks from the game store itself. If you calculate well the packs that you have to buy for each thing, you will not have much problem
  • However, there are some stores like Eneba that are also one hundred percent safe. in which we can save a lot of money buying paVos for the game 🤑
  • The thing is this: the V-Bucks packs as such are at the same price in the store as in the game itself. Nevertheless, there is a little trick about it
  • PlayStation Store prepaid cards are cheaper than in other stores
  • Therefore, we can buy these cards in Eneba to redeem them in the PS Store and thus transfer the money to our wallet
  • In this way, we will have a little more money in the wallet than what we have paid and, therefore, we can buy more paVos within the PlayStation Store
  • I remind you that these cards only work for the PS Store in Spain

What are you going to do with the turkeys you buy using this trick? I remind you that, in addition to the objects that are coming out in the Fortnite, this month there is some other promotion with free objects whose details were collected in the article that I left you a little above. Do not miss it!

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