You can now download Redfall and Minecraft Legends on your Xbox

Microsoft took the Developer_Direct held last night really seriously, as evidenced by the confirmation of the release date of Redfall or the presentation and immediate availability of Hi-Fi RUSH. However, it seems that not everything ended there, since now we have been able to know that We can now download Redfall and Minecraft Legends on our consoles, as long as we have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

We have been able to know the information thanks to a tweet shared by @_XboxNewswhich has shown some screenshots taken from the Xbox Game Pass application where it can be seen that we can already download Redfall and Minecraft Legends on our devices, both on Xbox Series X | S consoles and on PC, if you have a subscription for said platform .

Downloading Redfall and Minecraft Legends is now possible with Xbox Game Pass

As on other occasions, it is not about the full download of the games, but about an installer that will update automatically when the release date of both titles gets closer. Specifically, if we start downloading Redfall on our Xbox, right now the Arkane Studios title will occupy the derisory figure of 324 Mbs on our hard drives, while if we do the same with Minecraft Legends, the space that will remain will be only 312 Mbs.

Therefore, if we dare to download one of the two titles, it should be clear that this does not mean that when arrive on April 18 and May 2 respectivelyor possibly a few days before both dates, we do not have to download anything additional, since currently it is not, much less, the official size of the games developed by Mojang Studios and Arkane Studios.

Both Redfall and Minecraft Legends were two titles that really stood out yesterday during Developer_Direct, where the date of all the games present was confirmed, except for Forza Motorsport, which should announce when it will hit the market in the event that will be held in the future exclusively about the game.

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