Your View, Prime Video’s new passionate romance with Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine

A rom-com that’s offbeat, The Idea of ​​Being With You brings us an endearing love story that involves age difference, celebrity and love at first sight. An idyllic life that promises to be full of surprises, signed by Prime Video.

The Idea of ​​Being With You (Prime Video): A romantic and sultry film with Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine

The trailer of, broadcast by Prime Video this Wednesday, March 6 your viewOr the idea of ​​being with you in French, has already generated excitement among fans romantic comedies, If there have been some gems in this genre for us in recent times, from Tout to TOI to Surclassie, through Prize au Jeu, it is this new production prime video Due to its unusual landscape, promises to be unique.

In the idea of ​​being with youWe follow Solenn Marchand, a 40-year-old single mother Anne Hathaway, who begins an unexpected romance with 24-year-old singer Hayes Campbell, played by Nicholas Galitzine, after meeting at Coachella. But in reality he is not just an ordinary musician… He is none other than the singer of the most popular boy band of the moment, August Moon.

Faced with their nearly 20-year age difference and Hayes’s fame, Solenn will find herself in the spotlight, while their love story will quickly be misrepresented by the media. Between challenges, love at first sight and a unique love story, The Idea of ​​Being With You promises to be the next must-watch romance as soon as it releases.

A rom-com with a five-star cast based on a book

Anne Hathaway needs no introduction. The unforgettable Andrea or the iconic Princess Mia in The Devil Wears Prada princess diarySo, the Oscar-winning actress will star alongside Nicholas Galitzine in this new film romantic movie, At the age of 29, the latter has many successful roles under his belt. He has been notably seen in feature films such as our hurting hearts And my dear fucking princeor in the recent series mary and george,

Along with its pair of lead actors, The Idea of ​​Being With You can also rely on other talented actors to play roles opposite Anne Hathaway and nicholas gallitzin, Ella Pradin, who stars in the Gossip Girl reboot, will also be there, and Reid Scott, who previously appeared in the romantic comedy A Heart to Take, will be there.

But besides its extraordinary casting, did you know that this romantic comedy actually takes its screenplay from a book? The film’s plot is actually an adaptation of the 2017 novel of the same name written by actress Robin Lee. 7 years after the publication of the literary masterpiece, we will soon be able to see this romance on screen that is as beautiful as it is sexy. May 2 on Prime Video.

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