YouTube stops recommending content when you log out of the platform

YouTube has stopped recommending content to users who access the platform uninitiated user session, Something like this also happens when this service is opened from a tab opened in incognito mode.

The streaming video platform has been making changes to the recommendations section for months.

For example, in August last year it announced that users who did not have the option to remember their viewing history activated would not be able to access video recommendations,

More recently, Bleeping Computer warned that the platform is no longer showing recommended videos to users who are not logged in to a Google account or using incognito mode.

So far, youtube The service shows video suggestions whether you’re browsing in incognito mode or without being signed in with a Google account, but now appears blank and encourages users to ‘Find something to start with’ ‘to feed’ Videos that suit users’ interests.

YouTube users have also commented on X (formerly Twitter) that they can no longer see video recommendations or suggestions when they log in after clearing their search history or turning off history settings.

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