Zayn Malik brings Paris to life in style, and calls for a return to music

Six years after his last visit, Zayn Malik turned the French capital upside down with his surprise appearance at several shows during Men’s Fashion Week, which ran from January 17 to 21. With a combination of looks and different haircuts (yes, hair too), the 31-year-old singer sparked excitement across all four corners of the City of Lights.

Kenzo, Loewe, Valentino… Under the winter temperatures of Paris, Zayn Malik has been invited to many prestigious fashion shows. First, at Kenzo on January 19, the former One Direction member made a notable appearance in a navy blue ensemble decorated with the label’s key motifs.

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With tousled blonde locks reminiscent of his memorable look from the One Direction years, the father-of-four to little Khai (3 years older than him from his relationship with Gigi Hadid) got the crowd excited, in so many years After seeing him again, everyone was happy with the headlines.

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victim of an accident in paris

But Zayn Malik almost ended his first evening in the hospital. According to a video posted online, as he walked out of the parade, a car ran over his right leg. But there is no need to panic, the singer has already warned his fans that everything is fine, taking as proof a photo of his shoes with tire marks: “My leg is doing great!” Thanks to these extremely durable shoes. ┬╗Enough to present extraordinary advertising for your Kenzo shoes.

Second stop: Lowe’s, Saturday, January 20, noon. Once again turning heads, Zayn Malik was welcomed like royalty for the second fashion show of the week. In a brown checked jacket, contrasting with his blue checked shirt, the British heartthrob showed off his colorful tattoos. Sitting next to Andrew Garfield and Aaron Piper, he didn’t hesitate to take time to greet and sign autographs. direction guide Went to meet him despite the cold.

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Getting a haircut between two fashion shows

It must be said that French fans in Britain have been waiting for him for a long time. The singer, who left One Direction in 2015, had not set foot in Paris for six years. At the time, he attended fashion shows and luxury dinners with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

And on Sunday, January 22, Zayn Malik concluded his Parisian fashion marathon in Valentino. But before that, the singer, spontaneously, decided to cut his hair close to his head in between two fashion shows. A representation of the character we know well.

So, with very short hair, leaving aside the blonde hair we saw that morning to look more sober, he arrived in a black suit with a special inscription: “We’re so old, we’re young again.”

Returning to music soon?

Even in the music field, Zayn Malik is talking about him (again). While signing autographs on the streets of Paris, the singer let it be known that he was preparing a new musical project: , He is coming soon. I am going there for rehearsal… ┬╗ We hear the former 1D star confess to his fans in a video shared online.

Just last December, he took up the microphone to collaborate with famous Pakistani group Aur during a unique cover of their song “Tu Hai Kahaan”. The track on which Zayn Malik sings in Urdu took everyone by surprise. A British singer of Pakistani descent on his father’s side, the singer speaks fluent Urdu, and this is not the first time he has chosen to sing in his second language.

In “Intermission: Flowers” from his debut solo album “Mind of Mine”, released in 2016, Zayn Malik had already replaced his English with Urdu for a few seconds. All we have to do is find this new musical project soon, why not, give a more important place to this language that is close to their hearts/

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