Zelensky urges EU to enable use of frozen Russian funds to help Ukraine

Zelensky urged the EU to send more weapons to its troops and enable the use of frozen Russian funds to support their fight (EFE)

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyspoke before EU leaders this Thursday and once again stressed his demands for arms shipments and authorizing the use of frozen Russian funds in his favor.

During his speech, broadcast by video, to participants in the two-day summit taking place in Brussels, the President said it is essential that, at this time more than ever, European allies Expediting the supply of anti-aircraft support and various ammunitionTo ensure that Russia loses this war.

“We have to be clear about our shared European objective. It has been the same since the beginning: the Russian system must lose in this war against Ukraine” and no message can be sent that leaves any doubt about this because Moscow’s aggression is also against “the whole of Europe and its way of life”. Is offensive. European”.

Faced with the limitations allies often face when sending weapons, Zelensky months ago proposed Use of Russian profits and assets Which was frozen since February 2022 in favor of their struggle, revival of their destroyed armed forces and reconstruction of their country.

The funds, about which advanced talks are underway, will be used for the revival of the armed forces and the reconstruction of the country (Reuters)

“We need to move forward in this fair use Of Russia’s frozen assets. The aggressor will have to pay the biggest price of the war (And) it is in accordance with both the letter and spirit of the law. This year, we must use Russian assets to protect and restore life in Ukraine. “Russia must realize the real cost of war and the need for a just peace,” he explained in that sense.

The President concluded, “It is appropriate that both the profits and assets of Russian assets go to the reconstruction of Ukraine after the hostilities, to supporting Ukraine and, in part, to purchasing weapons to prevent terrorism.”

one day before, The European Commission proposed to utilize the extraordinary profits of this money, which amounted to approximately 3,000 million euros annually, in financing arms and ammunition for Kiev. This year 90% will be allocated for the supply of military equipment through the Aid Fund for Ukraine under the European Peace Assistance Fund (EFAP), while the remaining 10% will be integrated into the general EU budget. Sources close to the meeting commented.

As the High Representative for Foreign Affairs, he said, “The transfer of funds will be done twice a year because of the urgent need for financing, starting from the middle of this year.” josep borrellmade this comment “This is a clear signal that (Russia) sees itself at war with the entire West.”,

Borrell commented that the measure would send an important message to Russia and the world (Reuters)

Amid these statements, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal sent a message on his Telegram channel in which he estimated that the country would need some 500,000 million US dollars So that we can recover from the damage caused by the attacks of the enemy army in the last two years.

Also in the last hours he met with the leaders of the Atlantic Council and the Hoover Institute, two I think Americans, and shared with them “economic, political and legal reasons” that support “the confiscation of the sovereign assets of both Russia and the oligarchs”.

“Russia will have to pay. We work with experts and partners to implement that principle, which could include a new special tax on Russian resources like oil or gas after the war ends.

(With information from EFE and Europa Press)

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