Zendaya celebrates tribute to Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: Never Go Home

During an interview with Spider-Man: The Official Movie Special, zendaya celebrated that Spider-Man: Never Go Home was a tribute to Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

The version of Spider-Man played by Andrew Garfield saves MJ in the final battle of the Statue of Liberty, something he wasn’t able to do with his beloved in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“Andrew’s Peter Parker helps save someone else’s love, which is really important because it’s something he must deal with every day. When you lose someone you love and feel like it was their fault, it’s a huge burden to bear.”


“It’s a really beautiful moment because MJ doesn’t know what happened. She just knows he just saved her, so she’s like, ‘Thank you!’ And he’s crying, and she says, ‘Are you okay?’ Even if she’s the one who just fell off the building.”

No Return Home grossed US$ 1.9 billion around the world.

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In Spider-Man: Never Go HomePeter Parker will have to deal with the consequences of his identity as the world’s most beloved hero after it was revealed by the Daily Bugle report, with a recording made by Mysterio in the previous film.

Unable to separate his normal life from the adventures of being a superhero, in addition to having his reputation ruined by being thought to be the one who killed Mysterio and endangering his most loved ones, Parker asks Doctor Strange to make everyone forget his true identity. . However, the spell doesn’t go as planned and the situation becomes even more dangerous when villains from other versions of Spider-Man from other universes end up coming to his world.

Now, Peter will not only stop villains from his other versions and return them to their original universe, but also learn that with great power comes great responsibility as a hero.

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