Dante Vergara, the child first chilean to present to the UN: “climate change has no borders”

“This year has been a full generation of children demanding their rights for a healthy environment. It is my pleasure and privilege to introduce you to a young and great person, someone who, despite his age, has shown an incredible commitment to the climate change. Dante Vergara of Chile, and is only 11 years old. … Read more

Kylie Jenner unstoppable: expands the borders of his empire cosmetic and imitates Britney Spears with her look

Kylie Jenner is the referent most powerful and influential world of makeup: there is no competitor any who dares challenge it. Valued at more than $1.2 billion dollars, Kylie Cosmetics recently reaffirmed its great international reach and expanded its borders market, thanks to the association of its founder with the multinational cosmetic, Coty. The media … Read more

Yotuel send a powerful message to the government of Cuba and calling for the closure of the borders by the coronavirus

The cuban singer Yotuel Romero has launched a hard-hitting message directed at the government of Cuba in which requests and requires the closure of the borders of the island to prevent the spread of coronavirus among the citizens of the country. The member of the grouping Orishas uploaded a video to your profile’s official Instagram … Read more

“What are waiting for those responsible to take the decision to end the closing of the borders in Cuba?”

The cuban actor Héctor Noas has wanted to put his granite of sand to the mass called through the social networks the government of Cuba to proceed to immediate closure of the borders of the island in order to avoid a further spread of the coronavirus, an initiative to which have joined other artists in … Read more

Alexander Delgado speaks out on closure of borders in Cuba by the coronavirus

The cuban singer Alexander Delgado has joined the wave of concern that has brought about the spread of coronavirus in Cuba and has made use their social networks to send a message to his followers. The director and a leading voice of the duo of urban music Gente de Zonashared a video profile in the … Read more