7 steps to get rid of pain

tendonitis Photo: Shutterstock / Sport Life Tendinitis, according to the Brazilian Society of Rheumatology, is simply the inflammation or irritation of a tendon. The big problem is that the human body has tendons everywhere. In a simplified way, they are responsible for connecting the muscles to the bones, transmitting force impulses so that the musculature … Read more

Why did deaths from other diseases also trigger the pandemic?

Mateus Parreiras – State of Minas posted on 10/24/2021 3:08 PM (credit: Jair Amaral/EM/DAPress) Fear of covid-19 and the strangulation of medical services due to the pandemic meant that 51-year-old personnel supervisor Alex José de Oliveira Ferreira, a resident of Itabirito, in the central region of Minas Gerais, had to wait weeks for an appointment … Read more

Meditation is able to reduce stress levels and bring focus

RIO — In the early 1990s, American neuroscientist Richard J. Davidson began to study the differences between the brains of Buddhist monks and people who didn’t meditate. The results astonished him and was the beginning of a research that overturned the myth that meditation and its benefits are for those who can isolate themselves in … Read more

Difficulty losing weight may be linked to gut bacteria

Do you know those people who gain weight very easily even with a controlled diet? Or still have difficulty losing weight? Overweight and obesity can be linked with the imbalance of a bacteria in the intestine. Known as dysbiosis, the condition is characterized by imbalanced gut microbiota and can begin even before birth. In other … Read more

Work on the complex that will house the Unimed Costa Oeste hospital should start in January in Marechal Rondon – O Presente

Share tweet Share Anyone passing through the area that will receive the complex that will house the Unimed Costa Oeste hospital, on the extension of Avenida Írio Jacob Welp, near the Anel Viário de Marechal Cândido Rondon, can see a movement in the place. The area has already been walled off and, according to businessman … Read more

Mental health care drops 28% during pandemic – News

A study by Brazilian researchers published in the international journal The Lancet pointed to a drop in mental health care during the pandemic. The work indicated the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on this type of care, at a time of growth of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. According to an analysis by … Read more

It is a lie that those vaccinated against covid have developed AIDS

In yet another attack on vaccines, President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) said in his live last Thursday (21) that those vaccinated would be developing AIDS after being immunized against covid-19. The information, however, is false. The president used news that is circulating on the networks attributing the news to a report developed by the UK government. … Read more

Transgender youth battle health systems

Piper, a 17-year-old transgender girl, says she knows she’s lucky. She lives in suburban Atlanta with a supportive family and two pet leopard geckos, Saturn and Juno. Queer Med, a private clinic specializing in gender transition, is nearby. There, she started hormonal treatment two years ago, after waiting five months, a short time compared to … Read more