Patients about intervention in Sanitas

The Superintendent of Health intervened this Tuesday, April 2, in EPS Sanitas, one of the largest EPS Sanitas in the country with more than 5.5 million users, as founded by EL TIEMPO.

This newspaper established that the Superintendent of Health carried out an intervention process in the administrative headquarters of EPS Sanitas, specifically in the Calle 109 headquarters in Bogotá.

In this regard, the Patients Colombia movement tells EL TIEMPO that it rejects the intervention of the EPS.

,We have always agreed to intervene when appropriate. Today there are EPS that are in worse condition than Sanitas, So this is not an intervention aimed at improving the health system, it is an intervention based on the hatred that the health minister has towards EPS Sanitas,” the body that brings together more than 198 healthcare organizations said. said spokesman Dennis Silva. the user.

Patients also reported that this was accompanied by a makeshift solution and “which lacks technical elements”. The provision of health services for approximately six million Colombians is at risk, “Starting tomorrow, many EPS will restrict the provision of health services because they fear that debts will continue to grow and they will not be paid,” he said.

“An element that concerns us extremely is that today’s National Health Superintendent, Luis Carlos Leal, is not an ideal person to deal with this crisis. He has no experience and his speeches repeat what former Health The minister, Carolina Corcho, tells them. Therefore we consider the situation to be quite chaotic. No intervention has shown positive results so far, All interventions lead to the collapse of the EPS, liquidation, increased debt and above all, our interest affects the patients,” he said.

Apparently, the reasons behind the intervention are explained by the failure of EPS, technical reserves and equities. What is known so far is that the intervention will not be to eliminate the entity, but to administer it.

Technical reserves are the most important component of liabilities of EPS.

It was initially warned by Democratic Center congressmen Andres Forero and Miguel Uribe. The Health Superintendent has not yet given any official statement.

“Given the national government’s frustration over the impending collapse of health reform, it is retaliating and arbitrarily and inappropriately interfering in EPS Sanitas. We must remind the country that the EPS in which this government has already intervened Instead of improving after the intervention, unfortunately they have seen their indicators deteriorate and their care deteriorate. “The ones who suffer the consequences are the patients and the members,” Forero said.

There is a financial eligibility requirement for EPS, called investment reserve provision, which must be met to guarantee sustainability in the system. The calculations have been made since 2015 in accordance with the provisions of Decree 2702 of 2014. It was initially determined that the established technical reserves should be reserved as 100% of the assets to meet the conditions of quality, liquidity and concentration of investment.

As explained on other occasions by Mario Cruz, Technical Vice President of ASEM (an association that brings together the main EPS of the contributory regime), the current defects in the reserves are the result of old definitional problems of the system that worsened during Is. Year 2022 and 2023.

He said, “Insufficient premiums translate into inadequate reserves and investments. Compliance with regulatory requirements becomes impossible. First, it frees up capital for companies and then, to guarantee rising spending, at a lower rate than required.” Savings are made.”

And he added: “It is not that EPS keep resources or remove them in the manner intended: they are not able to save reserves at the expected rate and in some cases they have to resort to these resources to guarantee Provision.”

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