How to Improve Productivity Through Mental Health

The mental health of people in general and employees in particular is an issue we are paying more attention to.

Thus, more and more companies are placing the mental well-being of their employees at the top of their priorities, implementing measures to improve workforce conditions in their organizations and promote the creation of a healthy work environment.

However, there is still a long way to go. Although Nearly two-thirds of managers say they are concerned about mental health of their teams, Only 12% of companies have emotional wellness programs, According to an LHH study that we replicated in entrepreneurs.

Tips to improve mental health

Mental health not only benefits the worker from a personal perspective, but is also a mental health Strategic investment for the company, as it will help in increasing the productivity of the team and achieving long-term success.

“The well-being of teams and their performance are highly related to each other “We must facilitate an inclusive, responsible and peaceful work environment”says Christine Luce, CEO of Stimulus, a consultancy specializing in workplace mental health.

Thus, if we want to keep our motivated staff motivated and maintain good harmony in our company. It is necessary to deploy a range of strategies focused on mental healthWhich ensures the emotional well-being of our employees through the creation of a healthier and more conscious work environment.

These are some suggestions that can help in creating a conducive environment.

openness and communication

Loose emphasizes the importance of making a Work environment that encourages openness and transparent communication between workers and senior managementWith the aim of eliminating mental health and the problems it causes both in the workplace and in the personal sphere.

encourage flexibility

He work life balance This is fundamental. Director General of Stimulus recommends Encourage flexible work policies, which reduce stress and increase team productivity.

General Purpose

Experts say building a strong team committed to the company is essential to creating a healthy and open work environment. “Establishing a common purpose will help foster collaboration and partnership. Recognizing people’s work will improve emotional well-being and productivity Of the company,” he explained.

Resources and Support

“Although open communication and a healthy work environment are essential Access to resources and emotional support services to care for the mental health of the team”, point.

In this way, he emphasizes that companies should offer their employees Counseling programs, therapy and support hotlines. “All this, under policies that guarantee confidentiality The employee is seeking treatment or help,” he says.

Awareness and Training

Mental health education and awareness among the entire workforce is essential to avoid or anticipate potential problems in the future. “Training senior management in a company will help them effectively prevent, identify and address stress in their teams.”, Programs should also be presented team trainingin orther to Raise awareness about mental health and manage stress And Other challenges that may arise in the workplace,” says Nuss.

measurement and monitoring

There is no point in implementing mental health programs and policies if we do not regularly evaluate them afterward. How are they being implemented and what are their results To verify that they are effective and meet the needs of employees.

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