Its trick to leave WhatsApp and group silently

WhatsApp allows chats to be archived so that notifications are not generated. (Reuters)

Leaving a WhatsApp group can be an inconvenient task. The application always generates a message that alerts other members that a person has left, a situation that many want to avoid and for this there is a trick that solves everything.

Unlike the standard ‘Leave Group’ optionWhich notifies all participants when someone decides to leave, below we are going to adopt a different way, which will allow them to leave this type of chat discreetly and silently, so that other users do not notice our absence .

This trick works equally well on Android and iOS devices.So any user can take advantage of it without installing any other application, as the entire process will be done from the Meta platform.

The application allows you to control the chats to which the user is invited. (Whatsapp)
  1. Open WhatsApp on mobile device.
  2. Enter the WhatsApp group we want to leave in secret.
  3. Mute the group. For this, we will have to go to the chat settings and press the silence option, due to which we will stop receiving notifications.
  4. Within this option we will always have to remain silent, since the rest of the boxes only allow us to restrict the sending of alerts for short periods of time.
  5. Once we have silenced the group, we must go to WhatsApp Settings. Within Settings, look for the Chats section.
  6. In this section we must activate the Keep archived chats option.
  7. Return to Groups and select Archive. This will move the group to the Archived Chats section, where it will remain hidden and without generating notifications.

With these simple steps, we will be able to exit the WhatsApp group discreetly and without leaving any trace. This trick can be useful in a variety of situations, whether it’s reducing inbox clutter by leaving inactive groups or avoiding irrelevant or annoying messages.

Leaving a group can be inconvenient as it generates alerts for the remaining participants. (dpa)

The thing to remember is that this trick will not directly remove us from the group, This will allow us to prevent any type of content related to this from reaching us.Preventing us from making any kind of contact and other people are still seeing us among the chat members.

Another important tip to maintain the privacy of our account is to prevent other people from adding us to groups. This will allow us to better control the chats in which we participate and avoid uncomfortable situations.

By enabling this function, contacts who want to add us must consult us in advance and thus we will give authorization when we feel it is appropriate. Here are the steps to activate this option:

WhatsApp allows you to save messages and not receive inconvenient alerts. (efe)
  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to Settings section.
  3. Within the Settings section, find and select the Privacy option.
  4. Go to the Groups section and click on it to access the settings.
  5. In that section there will be an option to choose who can add us to the group. There are three options available:
  • Everyone: Anyone can add us to groups without approval.
  • My Contacts: Only contacts can add us to groups without approval.
  • Exclude from my contacts…: This option allows you to select specific contacts to prevent them from being added to the group without approval.

If you select the last box, we will have to manually select which are the contacts that we will not allow to be added to the groups. There we can block everyone and in this way no one will be able to put us in a group without giving authorization, especially to control this tool, since many users are usually family, friends, colleagues and business associates. Let’s chat with, something that can be overwhelming.

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