Amazon Supermarket has shut down automated checkout

Instead of using sensors to track what consumers have taken and charging them as they leave, the company will opt for smart carts where they can pay

Supermarket’s Most Amazing Advancements Amazon Fresh And amazongo, The company has set up pilot supermarkets in several cities just walk out (“Just Go,” in English), an automated payment system that transformed the shopping experience.

Instead of going through checkout before leaving the store, shoppers, after identifying themselves at the entrance with a QR code, He could take whatever he needed from the shelves and leave. An advanced sensor and camera system under remote supervision was responsible for tracking what he purchased during his trip and charging the final amount to the card linked to the Amazon account.

The technology worked surprisingly well and Amazon has even implemented it in some partner stores like the US airport store chain Hudson Nonstop. But now she is determined to change the model. As the publication progresses Information, The company has started removing the technology from many of its stores. They still won’t have a traditional cashier, but now rely on smart shopping carts in which the user scans different products as they make a purchase.

These carts have a touch screen and two sensors that identify the products placed in them thanks to a radio frequency identification system. When you’ve completed your purchase, you can pay right at the cart screen, without having to queue at checkout.

This technology is more prosaic than the advanced sensor systems introduced by just go out, But this is due to a change in Amazon’s strategy regarding physical stores.

Before the Covid pandemic, the company was committed to expanding its operations to traditional commerce. In addition to Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh, it had set up experimental book and fashion stores in some US cities. The company also acquired the American supermarket chain whole Foods To speed up deployment.

Now, most of these pilot stores are beginning to close. amazon style, The clothing store is the latest victim. Amazon launches this store concept that includes a fitting room

Smart mirrors and an advanced inventory management system, in January 2022 But in November last year, it closed only two stores present in the US states of California and Ohio. At the moment the company has not shown interest in expanding to Amazon Go or Fresh Supermarket, with only its initial ambitious vision for brick-and-mortar commerce remaining, out there. USA.


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