The exercise smart people do to stay happy is backed by a Harvard expert.

Man is constantly in search of happiness. and it’s the same Being happy is an important goalBut achieving this is not an easy task.

There are some people who have reached this state for a moment. Others, with persistence, have achieved it after many years. There are also those who never experienced this feeling,

Psychologists and experts assure that there are certain formulas to achieve happiness and, even if it is difficult. You should never throw in the towel,

Harvard Business School professor Arthur C. Brooks indicates that there is a Exercise that helps you be happy And that it is practiced especially by the most intelligent people.

Exercises that intelligent people do to be happy

The exercises that intelligent people do to be happy are divided into two parts: self reflection And action,

  • It involves devoting time think, reflect and evaluate In a deep and serious way about how we behave, what attitude we have throughout the day, what our motivations and our decisions are.

This practice helps us get to know each other betterGaining perspective on a problem and teaches us to cope with complex situations that come our way.

Arthur C. Brooks explains why it’s important to take this step. “Self-reflection transcends.” feelings of sadness From our reactive brain to our working brain, where we can manage them Through concrete actions,” he detailed.

“Self-reflection moves feelings of unhappiness from our reactive brain to our executive brain.”

Arthur C. Brooks

Professor at Harvard Business School

So, this is going to be the starting point. “If you want happiness, Consider why you don’t have it And getting information about how to achieve this is a good start,” he says.

Once this step is completed, Now is the time to act, Harvard expert says: “There’s an old joke about a man who asked God every day to let him win the lottery. After many years, he finally got a reply from heaven: ‘Do me a favor.’ Buy a ticket ,’ says God. If you don’t use that information, you are not buying a ticket.,

What the teacher means by this phrase is that if those thoughts do not become facts, it is very difficult to achieve the objective. “The action itself is important”he points out.

To achieve happiness in a simple way, he recommends giving Small Steps And gradually incorporate these modifications into the routine.

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