Deaths from dietary supplement ingestion rise to five in Japan

A total of 786 people had sought medical attention as of March 31 after consuming red yeast rice supplements sourced from a Japanese pharmaceutical company. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical And according to the latest official figures published this Tuesday, 157 required hospitalization.

The number of deaths caused by the consumption of these products is five, but the exact cause of the deaths is still unknown, which is why the Japanese Health Ministry reported today that an investigation is ongoing to clarify the causes of the health problems.

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The exact cause of deaths is still unknown.

He said that about 800 medical consultations related to kidney diseases and other pathologies after the consumption of some of the company’s pills, which were sold as supplements capable of reducing cholesterol, and 157 admissions due to anomalies in the physical condition of patients. There are reasons. Japanese officers.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as well as the country’s consumer agency, received a total of 1,578 telephone queries related to the consumption of the products through the end of March through a special line, while the pharmaceutical company itself would have received the information collected by the public channel. According to the available data, about 22,000 nhk and news agency GG,

Choles Help, Kobayashi's natural cholesterol treatment, has now been withdrawn

Choles Help, a nutritional supplement that has been withdrawn from the market

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

According to the Health Ministry, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has reported that it has found puberulic acid in some supplements, a natural compound that may be derived from the fermentation process and which may be toxic in certain doses, although it is unknown whether this is Health. Factors causing problems.

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Dietary supplements were made from red yeast rice

A Japanese pharmaceutical company has recalled 300,000 containers of three types of dietary supplements containing red yeast rice (Beanie-Cozy in Japanese), a type of this fermented grain.

The product was also available in Taiwan through an intermediary firm and in China through e-commerce platforms.

market withdrawal

Japanese pharmaceutical company has recalled 300,000 containers of three types of food supplements

In addition to the cholesterol-lowering supplements, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical distributed red yeast rice to 52 other domestic and foreign companies, and asked them to recall their products if they may also be affected.

In return, those fifty companies could supply raw materials originating in Kobayashi to another 173 companies.

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