Miami Marlins acquire Puerto Rican infielder from Arizona

Strong and unexpected 0-5 miami marlins At the start of the 2024 season big league has quickly sounded the alarm in the club offices Florida, Due to the difficulties presented, management led peter bendix agree with Arizona Diamondbacks The acquisition of a new player into their ranks.

Amidst tumultuous beginnings, miami made several moves to their roster, including the momentary appearance of Cuban pitcher Vladimir GutierrezWho only spent a little more than 24 hours on the big team before being placed on assignment.

Now, during the daytime preview on April 2, miami marlins obtained from Arizona Diamondbacks Puerto Rican infielder Emmanuel Rivera, The Puerto Rican was put in charge after the novitiate blaze alexander he will get a spot on the roster dbacksFurthermore, the presence of eugenio suarez Limited his playing time.

Rivera to Miami Marlins for cash

AmayaAt 25, he was once a prospect with great projection. However, today it is noted to be part of the exchange sent miguel rojas till Los Angeles Dodgers A few calendars ago.

like this, miami marlins Revamped their roster of 40 to continue the series against Los Angeles Angels In this Loan Depot Park,

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