The prince of rap: Will and Carlton are arrested in the jail for ‘stealing’ a car | Netflix | George Floyd | Films and series

The series starring Will Smith does not have when to pass out of fashion and its re-entry to Netflix what it demonstrates. If all your chapters are very popular among the viewers, there is one in particular that is being discussed in social networks, where Will and his cousin Carlton talk about racism on the … Read more

Sister Karol G is almost hit by a car

The older sister of the singer Karol G, Veronica Giraldo, who is instagramer and constantly share beauty tips with your social networks, shocked his followers with a great reflection you made about life, after taking away a great fright. With two photographs in his account of Instagram, the woman said that almost her dog, and … Read more

Grammys 2020: Lizzo, the nominee who LEFT the university and lived in his car

Grammys 2020: Lizzo, the nominee who LEFT the university and lived in his car The Grammy Awards 2020 held today Sunday, his 62nd delivery,and where the singer Lizzo is nominated for eight awards in five categories, including Best New Artist and Album of the Year, standing at 31 years as the celebrity with the most … Read more

I got out of line! Chris Hemsworth was cornered by a fan and decided… it Frenarle the car!

Chris Hemsworth it is one of the finest actors ovacionados in the world of film and is that their performances have led him to be part of the most successful films of recent times. Despite all the productions are hampered by reason of the coronavirus, the famous is soon to release his next film titled … Read more

The stopped driving a stolen car and hides his identity by saying that is Beyonce

Beyoncé the same brand a perfect performance in the Super Bowl, as that is the basis of conspiracy theories of the Illuminati, as that has its own religion, known as ‘Beyism’. The singer serves for all, even for driving stolen cars, it seems to be. Or that he wanted to make believe a woman who … Read more

Rita Ora takes part in a car race night-Dubai in the video for ‘New Look’

Rita Ora premieres the music video for ‘New Look’, his new single. The theme forms part of ‘Phoneix’his last album that he presented in November. Through the pictures, the singer is transformed into a host of cars to participate in a race night-Dubai (United Arab Emirates). With this video, Rita Ora pays homage to the … Read more