The son of Angelina Jolie returned to the university after their classes were canceled for the coronavirus

Angelina Jolie visiting the university to attend his son Maddox (Photo: special) For some people, the epidemic of the coronavirus made to reunite with their loved ones, as is the case of Angelina Joliewho received her older son, Maddox. This reunion was given after the classes of the young man of 18 years were cancelled … Read more

Concerts, and yoga classes Britney Spears will make today the networks | People | Entertainment

Acoustic concerts, theatrical presentations and even classes in yoga live in the corners of digital social networks, as a new proposal to entertain in this time of social isolation. Below, we share the live that will be aired today: Francisca Valenzuela acoustic 20:00. The singer of the chilean Francisca Valenzuela tomorrow will provide a miniconcierto … Read more

Suspended classes in the University of Havana for the coronavirus

Classes are suspended at The University of Havana from Wednesday 25 marchas a precautionary measure before the advance of the coronavirus in Cuba, according to published Magazine Alma Mater. “As we get information from the other Universities of the country will tell you,” concludes the publication, which so far has not offered further details. “Begin … Read more

Dances with Micho offers free classes through Facebook to encourage by the coronavirus

The dancer and choreographer professional Michel Valdes and Anays Gonzalez, directors of the popular dance academy cuban living in the city of Miami (Florida) Dances with Micho, have developed a beautiful initiative through social networks with the aim of encouraging people from their homes during the duration of the quarantine status due to the coronavirus. … Read more