Very Bad Attitude! Selena Gomez Had a Beautiful Gesture and Demi Lovato Despised Her

They were great friends but something distanced them. Selena Gómez and  Demi Lovato have known each other since they were very young, since they both shared programs on the small screen, and even formed a good friendship. In those years both stars suffered bullying and were judged in excess for everything they did, so it was normal for them to … Read more

Demi Lovato Thrills and Fulfills Sleep by Singing the Hymn in the Super Bowl

The interpreter Demi Lovato bristled the skin of fans and viewers by singing the US national anthem in the Super Bowl, something that meant a dream for her Florida, United States.- The voice of Demi Lovato resonated in the  Hard Rock Stadium when singing the national anthem of the United States, an act that marked the beginning of Super Bowl LIV  and that aroused … Read more

Next Collaboration? Demi Lovato Would Give Duet Clues With Rosalia

Fans of Rosalia and Demi Lovato have begun to suspect that the American singer is thinking of seeking a musical collaboration with the interpreter of Juro Que, something that seems to fascinate her followers United States.-  After Demi Lovato through her Instagram stories will leave some supposed clues about a possible musical collaboration with Rosalia, several fans of the singers have been asking for the duet to happen.  … Read more