Katy Perry faints during the recording of ‘American Idol’ by a gas leak

February 22, 2020 18:30 values Description Outraged 0 Sad 1 Indifferent 3 Surprised 2 Happy 0 Drafting Elcomercio.com The american artist Katy Perry it is one of the members of the jury, alongside Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, of ‘American Idol’the talent competition american in which the singer is leaving to see his face more … Read more

Astronomers have, for the rain made of liquid metal, in a hot gas giant, according to the Exoplanet: it’s raining iron, scinexx

Hell, in the shower: an area of approximately 640 light-years away, exoplanet rain in the evening, the cast iron of the heaven, and as the notes suggest. The gas giant WASP-76b, and therefore, it is your day, you are so hot that even the metal will evaporate. Due to the strong wind, the iron, the … Read more

The effects of the Gas? The grand opening and the Launch of the Next-Gen, moved to the console, according to rumors

Even so, it is not clear when the PS5 will be revealed to you in the end. The current rumor has it that the outbreak of the Coronavirus may have taken both to the disclosure of the PS5, as well as the Launch of the new console have been pushed back. Although we have referred … Read more