Pete Geracimo, personal trainer of Adele talks about the physical transformation of the singer

On the 5th of may, Adele turned 32 years and caused furor in the social networks with its new appearance, physical transformation, with a marked decrease in weight, a change that generated a number of criticisms. She immediately knew what to diet carried out to remove about 50 pounds. After the criticism that emerged after … Read more

Sophie Turner faces Kim Kardashian and other ‘celebrities’ for a very personal reason

The personality is natural and spontaneous Sophie Turner it is one of its signs of identity and has never had a disadvantage in straight-talk on any topic. For example, when asked if she would play Sansa Starkinstead of leaving an open door for the british replied without thinking with a ‘no’ just with the dreams … Read more

Lady Gaga, Madonna or Nicki Minaj suffer a hacking of personal data | Music

Some years ago the ‘celebgate’ was one of theft of information and private content most important that affected dozens of celebrities and stars. Without getting to that level, this 2020 has become to live a new information theft to major music stars such as Lady Gaga, Madonna or Nicki Minaj. Grubman Shire Meiselas and Sacks … Read more

Hackers demand $ 21 million for personal information of Madonna, Lady Gaga, Lizzo and more

Lady Gaga, Lizzo and Madonna are among the victims of a new cyber attack and that is a signature of high-profile attorneys, had to inform customers of a list, by the massive violation of data that could threaten to expose confidential documents, including private emails, contracts and personal data. The group hackers REvil, active in … Read more

Halsey launches ‘Manic’, an album that shows its most personal side | Music

Televisa DigitalJanuary 17, 2020 – 15:14 “I’ve spent my whole life struggling to accept this part of me, and I could make art with this. I’m happy, thank you.” In 2014, Ashley Frangipane he shared his first songs on SoundCloud; “Ghost“would become the song that would highlight and which he would call the attention of … Read more

The personal chef to Jennifer Lopez revealed why you should not miss in your refrigerator and what are the things that she never would –

Kelvin Fernandez, the chef of 33 years who works in the house of J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez, chismeó details of the kitchen of the singer. In an interview, he said: “Jennifer does not like neither the texture nor the taste of the salmon, so if I cook salmon for the rest of the table, she’s … Read more

Adele hires the personal trainer of Lady Gaga

picture allianceGetty Images If there is a topic that is being greatly discussed in social networks, this is the amazing makeover of Adele. The last photo that you shared on your profile official Instagram left everyone with the mouth open because, wearing a fabulous black dress short puffed sleevesimpacted with a remarkable decrease of weight. … Read more

Serena Williams reveals how do you manage your personal life and the sport

The former world number 1, Serena Williams, has been extremely successful in your quest to achieve a perfect balance between sports, business and personal life. The 23-times winner of the Grand Slam has been well kept, in good shape to be competitive in the tour of tennis. In addition, he has also carried out a … Read more

Coronavirus | Kris Jenner: Mom Kim Kardashian donates water bottles to personal health that combat the COVID-19

The matriarch of the family Kardashian, Kris Jenner, has joined the artists who have collaborated with the doctors struggling with the new coronavirus and has donated a generous amount of drinking water for doctors at a hospital in Los Angeles. In accordance with Thais Aliabadi, center staff, Cedars Sinai, and friend of the entrepreneur, showed … Read more