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The degree ceremony for the 41 new professionals trained by our University was held in the Aula Magna of the Universidad Austral de Chile.

On this occasion, Dr. Natalia Méndez Cáceres, Director of Degrees, gave a message to the graduates and graduates.

Iñaki Letelier, President of the Center for Medical Students (CEM), also addressed the attendees. And, on behalf of the graduates and undergraduates, Dr. Joaquin Landretche.

A significant moment was the administration of the Hippocratic Oath to the new professionals by Dr. María Elisa Herrera, a member of the Los Rios Regional Medical College.


Best graduate of promotion
On this occasion, the best graduate was Dr. Maura Miller Fritsis, who achieved the best average.

The distinction “Dr. Luis Norambuena Maulen”
Traditionally, the School of Medicine recognizes students who stand out for participating in extracurricular activities, in addition to maintaining charisma and sharing similar characteristics to the remembered “Dr.” Luis Norambuena Maulen”, former director of the school.

This recognition was received by Dr. Gabriel Guzmán Herrera, a graduate of the Valdivia Clinical Field, and Dr. Luciano Carmona Quiroz, a graduate of the Osorno Clinical Field.

emc recognition
The Center for Medical Students (CEM) recognizes contributions to the School of Medicine from the student environment throughout their careers. This award went to Dr. Luciano Carmona Queiroz.

Best Partner Specification
Dr. Felipe Riquelme García was selected as Best Fellow for the Valdivia Clinical Field and Dr. Roberto Ojeda Andrade for the Osorno Clinical Field.

promotion master distinction
As is tradition, recent graduates recognize the teaching work of their teachers, highlighting their dedication, dedication and a range of important personal qualities.

This year this recognition went to Dr. José Gutiérrez Maldonado, Professor of Internal Medicine Specialization at the Institute of Clinical Sciences of the Osorno Clinical Field, and Dr. Ignacio Delama, Professor of Internal Medicine Specialization at the Valdivia Clinical Field.

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