Books are more than an escape valve, they are a wonderful form of learning, a way of exploring the world around us and a journey of unique knowledge and joy. we selected 5 news that are about to be published and that will help you know yourself betterUncover some secrets and, without a doubt, improve your life.

Thinking about aging holistically (Dome Books) by Jordi Querol

Our elders have a different rhythm and many things in common. They walk more slowly, they forget some things, they start hearing less, they start getting diseases, they take pills daily, they retire… but it is clear that each person is different. Having more, Like people of any age, they too have their own characteristics.

Jordi Querol, the author of the book, writes about the last stage of our life from a human point of view, without scientific or medical pretensions, with the aim that we learn to value it and even enjoy it. Life, at any stage, is worth it, and this is how Querol shows it, depicting a scenario where everything that surrounds the collective is reconsidered. It gives us guidelines to live old age in a way that makes it doable and addresses models of care for the elderly. Make it possible, make it worthwhile, that’s the message the author wants to send to people living in that stage and all other people so that they can know the reality of that stage of life that, hopefully, we all have to live through.

Thinking about aging holistically

Thinking about aging holistically Sale will start on 14th February And now you can buy it in pre-sale.

You wrote this book (ed. Diana) by David del Rosario

David del Rosario is a neuroscience researcher and university professor. What if you could see your thoughts as neural propositions and be free to accept them or not? In his book, David addresses How our thoughts guide our lives without us even realizing it They are actually proposals that our brain makes us: “Our brain thinks with the same naturalness with which our heart pumps blood or our lungs pump air.”

Neuroscientists invite us to wear our research clothes Questioning everything we thought we knew about the human brain and our relationship with it, This way we can learn to connect peacefully with our thoughts and improve our lives.

you wrote this for free

You wrote this book Its sale will start from February 14.

Your Brain is Starving by Boticaria Garcia (ed. Planeta).

5 great changes that will help you lose fat and gain health, that is the promise of the latest book by Dr. Marian García (Botticaría García), which addresses the issue of myths and prejudices that exist around being overweight. He explains to us that it’s time to stop blaming lack of willpower and point to the real culprits: inflamed adipocytes, altered microbiota, weak muscles, cortisol, frugal genes or a hungry brain.

The expert talks about weight loss with the best endocrinologist of our country and with a great sense of humor. What can we do about emotional hunger? How can I lose weight? Diet or exercise? The author answers all the questions and sheds light on a topic that still raises many doubts.

your brain is hungry

your brain is hungry Its sale started on January 17 last.

your body, your home (Ed. Espasa) By Rafael Guzmán García

“Don’t rush to quit, learn to earn for a few more years.” Who can resist this invitation from the author? Living longer and better lives is a passion of many of us and Guzman, who has a degree in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy, a Diploma in Physiotherapy and a Master’s degree in Nutrition among other training. It reminds us that our body is our temple and we must take care of it to live a long and fulfilling life.

Our thoughts, our diet, the environment we live in, The exercise we do, the sunlight, our night’s rest… They are factors that affect our health in ways that many people would not believe.

your body, your home teaches us Modify habits and parameters to be able to extend your life In the healthiest way possible. A very interesting book that will make you rethink many things about your daily life.

your body, your home

your body, your home Its sale will start on January 31.

good company (ed. Today’s Topics) by Maria Gomez

Maria (@merigopsico) is one of the foremost popularizers of psychology on social networks and, with her book, Its purpose is to help us better understand our relationships on a daily basis To improve our lives and our level of well-being.

How do our personal relationships affect us? After a negative review we have doubts, we believe some of the things our friends say, a hug calms us and makes us feel better. Our circle is important and expertly examines this reality that often determines our state of mind or our actions.

The keys to human behavior are what Maria addresses in a refreshing and informal style that brings to the fore all the issues that are essential to our happiness. The importance of hugging, the innate need to belong to a group… good company Addresses questions that have haunted humans for centuries, and focuses on what we really are, though we often forget: social beings.

good company

good company Its sale will start on January 31.

Do you already know which books go straight to you Wish list, These offer personal discovery, self-knowledge and looking at life through different lenses.