5 songs by Ruben Blades that will resonate in the most iconic places in the New Year that strongly question the system

music It has been used as a means to publicize the social injustices that currently exist and there are many artists who have dedicated themselves to using their influence to make various causes visible and most recognized by salsa lovers. is one of the artists receiving ruben bladesWho is a renowned singer-songwriter as well as recognized for his talent. activism In Latin America, which he manages to capture creations,

5 Ruben Blades Salsa To Spend The New Year Dancing While You Protest

“of musicsalsa poet“has crossed the boundaries, so much so that it has reached us area To decorate the New Year, since the singer will perform at Ángel de la Independência next December 31. This free concert promises to last just over two hours, and if you haven’t already, immerse yourself in the exciting music Of ruben bladesHere are five songs that will make you dance all night long.

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The Panamanian activist has been recognized for his musicality and profound lyrics.
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Judgment (ft. Sis del Solar)

It highlights that every option has a cost and underlines responsibility Individual in making decisions, even if they are not the best. Thus throughout the song we can learn the story of a married man who decides to cheat on his wife and the story of a drunk driver who causes a tragic accident, In this way, salsa serves as a reminder that our choices profoundly affect our lives and those around us.

Plastic (ft. Willie Colon)

The lyrics come across as a powerful criticism ignorance And this materialism in society. from passionate people Property For artificial relationships and cities, Blades highlights the negative effects of prioritizing appearances over authenticity, values, and human relationships. Furthermore, the “Salsa Poet” addresses a message latin communityEncourages him not to compromise his destiny for money and oppose imported models and makes clear the difference between those who stick to their values ​​in front of faces plastic of society, highlighting the importance of authenticity, valuing human relationships over property, and driving towards a Latin America United that embraces its heritage.

pedro nawaz

On the other hand, the song presents a powerful narrative set in an urban neighborhood, deeply exploring crime, destiny, and the consequences of actions. Person, The plot follows Pedro Navaja, a street thug There was a fear of knives hidden behind his confidence and cleverness, but he also talks about it women Joe, facing financial difficulties, seeks solace in the bar. The story takes an unexpected turn when pedro nawaz Crosses paths with him, leading to a deadly confrontation, highlighting that each man faces unique challenges.

love and control

On its part, it is a deep reflection on the essence of Love And control in the family context, especially during difficult times, underlines the important combination of love and control in facing life’s challenges and affirms that despite problems, the family remains intact at its core. . Love, In the same way, blade Speaks of empathy towards those in distress and thinks of his family, despite recognizing the inevitability of this family problemsLove and care are unbreakable.


Finally, this Song Offers a poignant portrait of the harrowing experiences of those searching for missing loved ones. There are different types of characters in the story and blade Describes the distinctive features of missing, adding significant emotional weight and highlighting personal relationships; Likewise, fundamental questions are raised about the fate of the disappeared and it is suggested that disappearances may be related to social or political reasons, pointing to injustice and inequality, In this way the song emerges as a powerful commentary on suffering. Uncertainty Shedding light on the silent suffering and raising important questions about the disappearances.

Who is Ruben Blades?

Born on 16 July 1948 in Republic panama, ruben blades He is a prominent figure in the music, acting and political fields of his country. Recognized primarily for his influential role in the development of the genre dipSince its association with Willie Colon In 1977 he was required by the record label Fania and the history of salsa, but he also achieved a successful career as a solo artist.

As a prolific musician, his contributions extend well beyond salsa, influencing genres such as urban music with Calle 13 and bands such as Los Fabulosos Cadillac and Mana.
Photography: Instagram/@ruben.blades

In the same way, “the poet of salsa” is identified as a reference to “dip Conscious” because of the critical spirit expressed in his songs, which address the issues social justice And human rights. But in addition to his influence on music, Blades has appeared in over 45 films and television series and his foray into politics includes a candidacy for the presidency. panama In 1994, where he placed third with 18% of the total votes.

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