6 Subtle Changes in Your Daily Routine That Will Change Your Life Starting Today (Inspired by Japanese Kaizen)

All expert in habits They agree saying that purposes they should be fewer and shorter, It is more effective to focus on millimeter change Because, to be more easy to completeWe will be successful in fulfilling them and it will affect us optimism moving on. it is what it is Psychologist Luca Mazzuchelli Call 1% method or Japanese, kaizen method, In short, if you feel that you are not able to keep the resolutions that you make every January, it may be because you formulate them in a way very broad and uncertain, As it explains sarah harveyExpert of this method and author of the book Kaizen: The Japanese Method for Changing Your Habits (Editorial Zenith), “If you feel like you’re having trouble maintaining your goals, reduce them to the smallest fraction It’s possible you can. If you’re having a bad day and don’t feel like running five kilometers, try taking a walk. Do something, no matter how small, It’s better than doing nothingAnd you can gradually go up until you reach your goal again.

6 subtle changes in your daily routine that will change your life from today

we propose you 6 short routines Which you can include in your life today itself Change your life from now on!, They focus on 4 key areas welfare In form of ExerciseThe feeding Or Dream,

  1. Avoid the elevator in the office and sign up climbing stairs, You will force yourself to increase the number of steps you take daily, walk This is one of the most interesting exercises that you can do daily. According to the study published in British Journal of Sports Medicine walk fast during this 11 minutes daily (about 75 minutes per week) significantly increases our live long, Also, when you do this The benefits of climbing stairs increase manifold.,
  2. forget about diet And practice harvard platemeal time, Created by nutritionists Harvard School of Public Health, the proportions of food on the Harvard plate will help you significantly improve your diet (and forget about diets). What is Harvard plate? It involves dividing a single dish into three parts: 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% protein and 25% carbohydrates,
  3. Did you know that you don’t always have to tell something? when try to look in the eyes talk to someone, Today’s lifestyle does not always make it easy for us to meet friends or spend time with people you appreciate. an easy way to improve your human relationships When we talk to someone, we have to practice the simple posture of looking into the eyes. active listening There will be results and your human relationships will high quality,
  4. Stop skipping snacks and Eat a handful of nuts every day mid-afternoon, Walnut And nuts are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals and are an essential food in the diet. blue areas of the planet, places where their residents live longer. “The AlmondFor example, are popular in Ikaria and Sardinia, where they are used in many dishes, while Nicoanes like grinded“Researchers and authors say Dan Buettnerknown as “the wise man” live long“. Plus, they help you sleep better,
  5. Zero mobile from 8 pm, it would be better, write daily gratitude journal, This small gesture that doesn’t cost you anything more than that one minuteallows you to promote yourself balanced view of reality, The easier thing to do is to remain with the negativity of what happens to us, however, when we force ourselves to do so. watch the good part (which also exists) increase in us positive thoughts and feelings,
  6. go to bed at the same time every day, regularity In hours of sleep It is as important as how many hours we sleep. Sleep is one of the pillars of our health and it has been shown that regular sleep keeps our functioning balanced heart rhythm what is our benefit Physical, emotional and cognitive health,


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