Abinader orders release of a doctor detained for protests

The President of the Republic Luis Abinader, through the Government Spokesman, reacted this Saturday to the arrest of the doctor and activist Vazar Gómez, who was stopped yesterday when he was walking peacefully with a sign urging the President to pay attention to the patients. Were protesting. With cancer and mental disorders in the province of San José de Ochoa.

According to Homero Figueroa, government communications director, President Abinader ordered the “immediate” release of the doctor and requested an investigation into the incident.

In the publication the communicator said that the government guarantees the rights of the citizens.

“Our government guarantees civil rights.” While exercising his right to protest, Dr. W. After viewing the video of Gomez’s arrest, President Luis Abinader ordered his immediate release and ordered an investigation to be launched. “We do not tolerate these abuses,” the publication quotes. (keep reading…)

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