According to Chavista journalist, Captain Anilo Heredia directed one of four “conspiracies” against Maduro

Venezuelan journalist Eligio Rojas talks about Captain Angelo Julio Heredia Gervasio, who was involved in one of four failed coup plots in 2023.

According to Rojas, the subject would have escaped on December 26, 2019, from the Ramo Verde prison in the state of Miranda, where he was detained for alleged links with the so-called Blue coup, another opposition movement aimed at overthrowing the president. There was a plan.

Heredia Gervasio fled to Colombia, where he was training a group of soldiers for new violent incursions into Venezuela. And he was captured on December 15 in Tachira state.

The journalist reported that a confrontation occurred during the occupation, resulting in injuries to two fleeing soldiers.

Authorities seized several cell phones where part of the plan was drawn up piecemeal. Additionally, personal items seized included US military certificates.

Rojas reported that the coup that Heredia Gervasio intended to plan with other deserters included taking over the 21st Mechanized Infantry Brigade based in Rubio, Táchira state; Who is in charge of three battalions, eight companies, two artillery groups and one motorized cavalry squadron.

He highlighted that another group of coup soldiers were detained around Fort Tiuna. This group also included Lieutenant Colonel Guillermo Enrique César Sierro, who until recently was in charge of the Bolivarian Army Headquarters Battalion “Brigadier General Daniel Florencio O’Leary”, considered the first battalion of the Bolivarian Army.

Another man detained was identified as Victor Venegas, a union leader from Barinas, whom the investigation points to as one of the pieces of the violent plan and he was prosecuted for inciting hatred, among other crimes. Will go.

He said that one of the actions planned by this last batch of detainees was the assassination of President Nicolás Maduro, an action that they would carry out on January 1 of the current year, according to the statements of those arrested.

He recalled that the Venezuelan dignitary had blamed former Mayor Antonio Ledezma and other leaders, whom the Head of State classified as “The Last Names”, for these conspiracies, where he mentioned Machado, Capriles and López. Had mentioned.

With information from La Iguana TV

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