According to ETECSA, its price in February was 50%

Overtime in your Nauta Hogar in Cuba this month of February? The Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), the only company of its kind on the island, reported that this month they are maintaining an offer at 50% of its original price. That means there is a discount of half the price. How to get it?

Nauta Hogar, a new promotion from Cuba’s state telecommunications company ETECSA, offers users the possibility to buy additional hours of Internet browsing at half price.

The offer is available from 12th to 29th February and can be accessed through various payment methods. Customers who have exhausted their contracted plan hours will be able to take advantage of this discount and remain connected to the network. The promotional rate will be 6.25 CUP per hour instead of the usual 12.50 CUP. This promotion is only valid for Nauta Hogar service and not for other types of Nauta.

This 50% discount is not valid for the following types of Internet access: temporary Nauta cards, Nauta accounts linked to the tourism or airport sector, permanent Nauta accounts for public national navigation and Nauta Home service accounts for companies.

Nauta will be in Cuba this February

If you want more information about it, the full promotion is at this link. Click here. And if you want to increase the speed of your Nauta Hogar, then according to the ruling party there is a solution for this too.

If you are one of the many Cubans who suffer from low internet speeds in Cuba, whether through Wi-Fi, data congestion, mobile data, etc., you may be interested to know that the official media CubaDebate has Has published a way to “improve”. Nauta Connection Home. Let us explain it to you.

According to this report from the USB channel linked to CubeDebate, there is a simple option to increase the speed of your Nauta Hogar service without going to the ETECSA offices. You just have to follow these steps.

Check available speeds. When you click “Next”, the app will check your connection to see if your account can have higher speeds. Different offers will appear, choose the one you like the most.

Verify funds: If you don’t have enough funds, the app will tell you how much you need. Make the corresponding entry and start again from this step. Restart the connection: After you complete the previous steps, the connection will restart.

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