According to science, what role does a daytime nap play in the health of middle-aged women?

According to a recent study, napping offers health benefits, especially for middle-aged women. (Getty Images).

one of the following best sources of well being to enjoy restful sleep Which keeps the body in a healthy condition to perform daily activities. take at least eight hours continuous rest helps the brain recover everyday stressReduces the risk of developing high blood pressure over time and prevents obesity, according to National Institutes of Health Of United States of America (NIH),

People who get insufficient amounts of sleep to recover from daily needs experience problems falling asleep. fight infectionHave heart disease, obesity and are at risk of suffering from it the strokes, Therefore, it is important to have a way to reclaim sleep hours and get comfortable rest.

A common way to compensate for sleepless nights is to adopt Blink, People experience this while resting in the afternoon Benefits for your quality of life, However, the effects may vary depending on your age, even if you have different effects In women’s and men’s health.

According to the study, compared to middle-aged women, young women get less benefit from a two-hour nap and have much less sleep compensation. (Illustrative Image Infobae).

A study published in scientific report identified a Organization between the compensatory period of Weekend Sleepover (WCUS) And this Health Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) In middle aged women, especially, those who they sleep more hours during weekend Is too much comparison of benefits with men,

while taking one to two hour nap during weekendThey achieved improvement in areas such as mental health, with Reduction in anxiety and depressionand in the Daily Activities, However, long term long sleep were connected to a reduction in capacity Of self care, These findings suggest that there is a need personalized recommendations Of sleep duration compensatory during weekendin the work of age And this gender,

He Positive impact out of these naps Quality of life may be related to physical factorsIn form of sex hormone variability in women, and socio-environmental factors which affect the quality and sleep patterns, In contrast to previous research, which addressed compensatory sleep duration weekend as a variable dichotomousThis study shed light on a inverted u-shaped joint between nap duration And this contribution to health, In this regard, researchers have advised to sleep alone. 2 hour For improve well-being,

By resting during the afternoon, people experience benefits in their quality of life (illustrative image infobay)

Although make up for sleep with naps can be beneficial for health during weekends, there are some risk of prolongation Duration more than two hours. Problems become worse if this happens regularly for more than a week. those people they sleep more than 30 minutes 41% more likely to deal with it more often high blood pressureAccording to an article published in National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Of America.

Furthermore, it has been recognized that more than the recommended time during a nap weight of a person, The above problem usually increases when bad habits like tobacco consumption, eating late and sleeping are included. energy intake at lunchAccording to the observations of a study published in Wiley Online Library,

Research shows that people who they take long napsCompared to those who survive, those who survive experience more significant variation in health indicators. Obesity and metabolic syndromeAs Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood glucose. show short periods a protective effect against high blood pressure, These data become particularly relevant when considering that more than a third of the participants practiced the habit of napping an average of four times a week, which suggests that these breaks may have a negative impact. double edge effect According to its duration.

Napping for more than two hours increases the risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems, one of the main problems. (Illustrative Image Infobae).

The results of the study were also recorded changes in circadian system And this cortisol response On waking (CAR) as factors related to longer naps and increased obesity. It has been observed that smoking and smoking-like behavior meal size Can modify cortisol levels and, as a result, affect the feeling of hunger central obesity,

To prevent these problems, research has highlighted that short nap, less than 30 minutesmay be more appropriate to maintain optimal health status And reduce cardiovascular riskAs opposed to long-term ones that can cause immediate and long-term negative effects,

In contrast, a study published in the journal Frontiers stresses the idea ofsleeping too much, Research shows that a young, healthy person is unable to maintain a sleep pattern of more than 10 hours a day. According to the data received average sleep duration It lasts for just over eight hours. However, some individuals may number between five and eleven per night.

A study has shown that a person without health problems is unable to sleep for 10 hours, as it takes the body the necessary time to naturally recover energy. (Illustrative Image Infobae).

The study results also indicate that proper recovery after a period of sleep deprivation, When participants were given more time to sleep, an initial increase was seen total sleep duration, during the first days. Subsequently, these metrics showed a gradual decrease with increase in sleep latency, This pattern suggests that a person can get enough sleep in the new break even After a period of adaptation.

Ultimately, the investigation concluded that feeling sleepy after waking up is associated with sleep inertia, a transitory period that ends with time. These findings suggest that the concept of “sleeping bench“Possibly reflects compensation for prior rest restriction rather than excessive sleep.

If you feel extremely tired while working and are afraid of falling asleep, it means that your body needs more hours of sleep. (Illustrative Image Infobae).

He Excessive fatigue This may indicate during the day lack of sleepA problem that can also negatively affect job performanceeducational, driving a vehicle And this social interactionAccording to an article in National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute,

There is another warning sign daytime sleepiness, This condition appears in everyday situations such as sitting and reading, To watch television, in meetings, or even driving, and the tendency to fall asleep occurs in these environments. Additionally, lack of sleep can also cause difficulties LearnThe concentrationThe MemoryAnd in decision making ability.

understand and address these signal is important To prevent long-term negative consequences mental and physical health, Although daytime sleepiness is a clear sign of lack of sleep, it can also be a sign of health problems like “sleep apnea.”

Therefore it is important to recognize how this condition affects general ability of a person working in everyday life, manage emotionsbehavior, and adaptation unexpected change, Having identified these factors and their impact on daily life, it is time to seek medical advice from a specialist.

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