After consultation with Maduro: Government will continue talks and ask US not to interfere

The head of the delegation for negotiations by the government of Nicolás Maduro, Jorge Rodríguez, announced this Monday that he will remain in the process together with the Democratic Unitary Platform to pursue an agreement on electoral conditions for all in view of the upcoming presidential elections. ,

At a press conference, he highlighted that after receiving a recommendation from the Kingdom of Norway, they are ready to establish a monitoring and verification commission for compliance with the agreements.

“Dr. Gerardo Blied and I received a communication from the head of the facilitating delegation of the Kingdom of Norway suggesting the introduction of a Commission to monitor and verify the Agreement, which should be constituted permanently. He said, “We have consulted with the Head of State and our response is that we are going to make a new effort to preserve and maintain the principles of the Barbados political settlement, despite all the attacks and attempts to go beyond the constitutional channel.” Have been.” ,

“It would be surprising if this was the first time, but this is not the first time, the opposition always wants to get out of the agreements and constitutional channel through their arrogance and hatred.” But in our desire to give it the opportunity, to breathe oxygen into what was established in Barbados, we have responded to the convenience of the Kingdom of Norway that Venezuela is ready to call upon.

It was Saturday, January 27, when Gerardo Blyde, head of the delegation of the Unitary Forum for Negotiations for the PUD, demanded that the decision of the TSJ on the disqualification of María Corina Machado be made, within the framework of the Barbados Agreement. Inverted.

“We demand that the TSJ decision be overturned as it violates a process that was meant to be a trial, not a wall. This must be reversed and returned to the previous situation,” he announced at a press conference. “The only path that the unitary platform and candidate María Corina Machado have chosen is the electoral path. We believe in the electoral path. “We don’t want a bright Nicaragua, we want free elections.”

He announced that he would submit a written complaint to the Kingdom of Norway and its accompanying countries about the government’s partial breach of the Barbados Agreement: “It is clear how situations can disintegrate when we want to move forward and not step back. If the agreements are to be fulfilled then as a negotiator I would not like to be here at a press conference. We demand that the counterparty fully comply with the agreement because it is not in pieces, it is one such agreement Which is integrally prepared for free presidential elections; we therefore demand a halt to the increase in harassment and violence against activists, social actors, steering teams and the candidate María Corina Machado.

Rodríguez, like Blyde, read out some points of the agreement that the two delegations had signed on 17 October, and stressed that they agreed to reject violence of any kind and to maintain public discourse without external interference. Are committed to defending.

«Gentlemen of the Biden Government of the United States of America, this agreement expresses that external interference with respect to citizens, the Constitution and the laws of the country is not accepted, the parties reject actions that threaten sovereignty, peace matters Is…”

Likewise, he stressed that in accordance with what has been established in the mechanism through the Political Administrative Chamber of the TSJ to review disqualification measures, “the parties will ensure that the authorization of all candidates and parties is promoted , participate in elections as long as they meet the requirements of the Constitution and laws, the Organic Law of Electoral Procedures and the Law of the Comptroller’s Office.

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