Age Of Empires Version Free Download

Age of Empires version free download

Age of Empires is the original real-time game that launched the Age of Empires series. You can choose from 12 different countries, and as your country becomes more powerful, you’ll be able to advance into new eras. The Stone Age, Agricultural Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age represent these passages. Babylonia, Greece and Rome are among the many civilizations on display. There are many options.

Rise of Rome: This add-on expands the playable countries to 16 vehicles and units you can control. You can use your army to build buildings, attack enemy units, and collect resources. You can obtain 4 different types of resources: food, gold and stone. You can use stone to build walls and buildings. Buildings, boats, farms, and bows were all made of wood. Gold is used to train armies and develop technology. The soldiers need food.

While the main goal of many missions is to defeat enemies, the goals of the mechanics go much further. Join neutral groups, engage in diplomacy, and find allies to fight your enemies. Trade raw materials and help allies by building armies.

The Age of Empires campaign consists of four scenarios: Rise of Egypt (also known as Glory of Greece), Voices of Babylon, and Empire of the Rising Sun. Depending on the campaign you choose, missions range from 8 to 12. Up to eight players can compete simultaneously in multiplayer games.

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