ALDI wins the battle against Amazon with this window cleaner priced at less than 30 euros

Aldi Has managed to launch a window cleaner that has no competition in the market. its effectiveness, its quality and price, This means that at present, there is no pot with a better reference than the pot in this supermarket. It is true that for all types of gadgets Cleaning, Amazon is a benchmark in terms of different brands, options and prices. However, in this case he has not managed to win the battle.

and this is German supermarket chain, it has been identified as a place with below average priced products since its launch. In this way, it has managed to expand in many countries around the world, running establishments where you can find a wide variety of food products, but also strengthening its food section. clean house and of small household appliances,

For this reason, it is common to see how some elements Aldi They go viral quickly through social networks, or more realistically through ‘word of mouth’, resulting in them selling out faster. And there are many customers who have been waiting for the launch of some of these products that, due to demand, the supermarket, on some occasions, decides to put back on sale.

This is the case with this window cleaner available at ALDI for less than 30 euros Both in their physical establishments and online. However, we advise you to check its availability at your nearest center if you do not want to go without getting it. Although a trip Aldi It is never a waste, as browsing through its various sections will ensure that you will definitely find the products you need at the best price and quality in the market.

ALDI window cleaner for less than 30 euros

ALDI has made available to its consumers a Powerful window cleaner for its price and effectiveness, has managed to have no rivals in the market. So much so, that even Amazon doesn’t have a product that can be yours, with the same functionality, at this price. Thus, ALDI has made sure that its consumers do not miss this opportunity, and now it has the cleaner available For only 29.99 euros, What more could you want?

ALDI Window CleanerALDI Window Cleaner
ALDI Window Cleaner

Cleaning windows is often a difficult task. This is because windows are never 100% clean due to their exposure to commonly found dirt. and usually, Windows withstand all bad weather All the atmosphere and friction in its exterior, and its interior. Therefore removing stains is not an easy task.

However, this problem is eliminated with this tool from ALDI. it’s about a Window cleaner that goes further than the classic spatula glass cleaner. And in this case, in addition to this very useful spatula mechanism to remove dirt, this ALDI cleaner has a dirt suction system, which goes directly into a tank that you can clean without any problem.

Cleaner Features

ALDI Window Cleaner can be used for more than just cleaning windows. In fact, it is possible to clean any glass surface. This way you can also use it mirror, table or display case of this material. But apart from that, it is also useful on tiles, preferably without streaks, where cleaning can be easier.

According to the same supermarket, this is window cleaner Following features,

  • Brush size: 28 cm.
  • 2,200 mAh Lithium Battery.
  • Autonomy: 45 minutes.
  • It can be used vertically and horizontally.
  • suction system.
  • Dirty water tank.
  • Includes: 2 Microfiber Cloths.

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