American companies are looking for remote workers for salaries up to $100 thousand

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For those who intend to work remotely for a company in the United States, there are different possibilities. A far cry from what was happening initially after the pandemic, vacancies are not concentrated in a single area, but there is a bit more diversity. In this context, a job search platform created a list of the companies that launch these types of offers the most.

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Since it was forced to happen in 2020 due to the pandemic, remote work is something that many companies in the US have definitely adopted. Whether they live in another country and want that income or are within the United States and simply wish to work from home, applicants have a significant variety of options.

United States companies that offer the most remote jobs

The list was compiled by the FlexJobs platform, taking data from nearly 60,000 companies that published remote job searches in 2023. Based on all this information, they classified the companies in which there are the highest chances of getting a job. This type of vacancies 2024 and these are the ten who grabbed the first position.

-work solution


-CVS Health

-Robert Half International


-Thermo Fisher Scientific





The full list published by the platform reaches 100 companies, some of which have jobs with an annual salary of US$100,000. Those who are interested in inquiring about the vacancies can view both the listing site and the websites of the mentioned companies.

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