Apple closes its famous Infinite Loop store that was celebrating 30 years of service

The store opened in 1993 and was employee-only until 2015. (Apple)

Manzana announced the closure of one of its most iconic stores after a legacy of three decades. is about infinite loop, Located at its headquarters in Cupertino, United States, and which will stop operating by January 30, 2024.

“After many years of serving customers at our stores in the Bay Area, we are planning to close our store at Infinite Loop. All members of our team will have the opportunity to continue their roles at Apple. We look forward to welcoming our customers to our Visitor Centre. Apple Parkon and in the Apple Store applications,” the company published in a statement.

Since its launch in 1993, this establishment has been important in showcasing the brand’s progress to both workers and customers.

Over the course of its existence, it went from being an employee-only store offering merchandise ranging from Macintosh hardware to T-shirts, hats, and water bottles, to becoming a store open to the general public in 2015.

Despite being smaller in size than the brand’s other locations and not having services such as Genius Bar appointments or “Today at Apple” creative sessions, the Infinite Loop store became a popular destination for customers. Apple fans, however, have eclipsed it since 2017. Apple Park Visitor Center inaugurated.

He Visitor Center Offering a diverse range of branded products, it features a Mac Café, a rooftop patio with seating areas and a large augmented reality model of the Apple Park campus.

The Apple Park Visitor Center opened in 2017 and offers a more holistic experience than the Infinite Loop. (AP)

The closure announcement has surprised many followers of the company, as Apple rarely ceases activities at a store without a nearby replacement. So there is already speculation about what the brand wants to do with this area and what is the business strategy behind it.

some employees of infinite loop They will be relocated to nearby stores, such as the Apple Park Visitor Center or Apple Valley Fair, so this is not a decision that affects jobs, but simply the closure of a physical point.

Additionally, the building’s offices will continue to be used by corporate employees and only the store space will remain closed.

This closure joins the scheduled store closures Royal Hawaiian In honolulu For next 20th January. Something that will be compensated for by the opening of shops in 2023 America, China, India, South Korea And this United Kingdom, They also expanded their online store chili And vietnam,

Apple will close two stores in early 2024, and Infinite Loop will cease operations at the Royal Hawaiian Store in Honolulu. (Reuters)

After being defeated in a patent infringement case, Apple was forced to cease sales and withdraw its two most recent models from the US market. apple watchHe series 9 And extreme 2,

In fact, his Web Store Sales have been halted since last December 21, while just a few hours ago all the models in stores were removed. Apple Store Throughout the United States.

The company responded immediately to the import ban issued by US International Trade Commission (ITC)who considered that cupertino Patent infringed on pulse oximetry technology developed by massimoA medical device manufacturer.

This measure will be implemented 26th Decembersince when Apple will no longer be able to import or sell its latest Apple Watch models in the United States.

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