Army Men RTS Version Free Download

Military RTS version free download

Army Men RTS is a strategy game set in a fictional world where battles take place between toy soldiers.

In order to increase the size of armies and buildings, players must mine batteries and plastic (basic materials). The game begins when the sergeant arrives at the headquarters. The sergeant discovers that his old ally, Colonel Blintz, has now become a rival.

In the initial mission, you need to be able to defend your home from the Browns before destroying the Colonel. The process will be broadcast live. Gamers can build and control devices. Soldiers train in barracks, where plastic and energy are sourced from everyday items. If a unit dies, resources can be quickly used where the unit died. Army Men RTS’s story-based campaign contains over 30 missions, each of which is progressively more difficult to complete.

The enemy character’s model is no different than its counterpart. The only difference is that their color was modified to brown to differentiate the two armies. An 8-player multiplayer mode is also available, as well as the option to include bots. Surroundings – Large areas such as kitchens, backyards, backyards, etc. Buildings are easily destroyed, but they also help defend against onslaught of enemy attacks. The “Great Battle” mode allows players to explore vast areas and engage in large-scale battles.

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