Battlefield 2042 PC Version Free Download

Battlefield 2042 PC version free download

“Battlefield 2042” – a tactical action game where the main conflict is the confrontation between Russia and the United States in a future world. Almost all of the earth’s resources have been exhausted. Mighty superpowers now race to find the last fossils on Earth. Germany is losing ground, and the EU is beginning to fall apart. The world is in the midst of a second Great Depression. The game is played in first person. There are no story activities. Single player map with bots. “Battlefield 2042” attaches great importance to the Internet. There are 128 players available to participate at the same time.

The map is now larger due to the increase in participants. The destructibility and level of detail of these locations have been enhanced. There are seven unique maps: Antarctica (Korea), India, Singapore and Guyana. Natural disasters may occur. For example, hurricanes, tornadoes, sandstorms, etc. will all rise. Weather conditions have an impact on Battlefield 2042 and can give you a strategic advantage. Heroes now have Expert titles instead of Professional titles.

Choose from 10 different specializations. The characters are all from different countries. Each hero is unique with their skills and weapons. Webster McKay is a stormtrooper who uses a hook and moves very fast. Maria Falk is a doctor who uses a pistol to treat distant allies. Wikus van Dil is a scout and engineer Peter Guskowski who can deploy turrets. Multiplayer includes 3 different modes including Total War and Veteran Classic Battle.

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