Ben Affleck surprises Jennifer Lopez in the most hilarious Super Bowl ad

Who says Super Bowl, says Super Bowl commercials!

Those who watched Sunday’s game probably saw a good mix of bizarre and hilarious commercials. This melting pot of commercial commercials starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Brady, Matt Damon and Jack Harlow has been recognized as one of the best commercials of the year.

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The Dunkin’ Donuts ad, which airs this Sunday, begins with Jack Harlow sitting in a car and telling Affleck, “I don’t think you should do this.”

Affleck responded that his girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, had already finished her job; He had to show him “what he could do.”


A little nod to last year’s Super Bowl ad where the 51-year-old actor started working in a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru.

So he, ignoring Harlow’s advice, arrives at his girlfriend’s studio wearing a fluorescent orange jumpsuit with his friends Brady and Damon.

Instead, he walks through the recording studio door saying, “What’s going on? Here are The Dunkings!”

What follows is a hilarious performance by Affleck, Damon and Brady. Stunned Jennifer Lopez and rapper Fat Joe can’t believe their eyes and ears.


The commercial ends with Affleck leaving the studio with his old friend Matt Damon as Lopez invites Tom Brady to stay with him.


Affleck and Damon walk down the street together and Damon says, “Remember when I told you I’d do anything for you? This is nonsense.”


To which Batman’s interpreter replies: “Calm down, they named a drink in our honor”.

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