Biden tried to convince voters in his State of the Union address that he deserves a second term

August 21st / 3:37pm EST

How has the State of the Nation speech changed?

August 42nd / 3:16pm EST

Biden will announce sending aid to Gaza

Aug 47 / 3:12pm EST

An important speech to motivate your voters and reduce doubts about your management with new promises

President Joe Biden will use his State of the Union address this Thursday to try to convince voters that he is worthy of winning a second term in the November elections, and warn about the risks that he believes That it is for democracy. More than his potential opponent, former Republican President Donald Trump.

According to the Associated Press news agency, Biden’s third speech from the floor of the House of Representatives in his tenure will be a kind of job interview, as well as an opportunity to demonstrate that even though he is the country’s oldest president. Has enough physical health and mental acumen to assuage some voters’ concerns about his job performance.

The President is expected to focus his main announcements on the economy, but we also expect to hear what he says about immigration after his recent turn toward more restrictive policies; regarding the war in Gaza due to criticism from some Democratic voters for his support of Israel; about the war in Ukraine, amid the blockade in Congress of aid to this country against Russia; And at the expense of reproductive health and medicines.

53 min Aug / 3:06 pm EST

Important night for Biden with his speech about the nation


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