Boehringer Ingelheim presents Cenvelgo®, its revolutionary treatment against feline diabetes

More than 300 veterinarians, lovers of feline medicine, attended the presentation on February 2 of Boehringer Ingelheim’s new launch, Senvelgo®, an innovative oral antidiabetic that will revolutionize the management of feline diabetes.

thing, under the title “Cenvelgo®, a revolution in the treatment of feline diabetes”, was taught by diego estebanVeterinarians at the Barcelona Feline Clinic and accredited in Feline Medicine by AVEPA, within the framework of the XII GEMFE Congress (Group of Experts in Feline Medicine), during which they highlighted the main innovations presented by the product.

Senvelgo® is the first liquid oral treatment, given once daily, that effectively lowers blood sugar levels in cats suffering from diabetes mellitus. In addition, it greatly facilitates the monitoring of the treatment of diabetic cats, as it is simple and convenient to administer, allowing diabetic cats and their owners to lead normal lives despite the disease.

Senvelgo®, unlike current treatments, is presented in oral solution format, with the dosage adjusted according to the cat’s weight (1 mg/kg/day). It shows high effectiveness, as it reduces hyperglycemia in a week and does not pose a risk of clinical hypoglycemia. Furthermore, with the administration of Senvelgo®, it is no longer necessary to perform glucose curves to monitor the patient.

Feline Diabetes

Feline diabetes is a disease that is on the rise, as it is clearly linked to the lifestyle habits of felines, with obesity and a sedentary lifestyle being the main risk factors. Although, at present, the incidence of feline diabetes is relatively low (about 3 out of every 100 cats in Spain), it is worth noting that it is a pathology that has a high impact on the quality of life of both the animal and the animal . Those who take care of them. For this reason, Senvelgo® represents a revolution in its approach that will favor the reduction of cases of premature abandonment of the treatment because it facilitates its monitoring, thanks to its simple and practical administration that allows cats and Allows both owners to live normal lives despite the disease.

With the introduction of Cenvelgo®, Boehringer Ingelheim has consolidated itself as an expert laboratory in the treatment of diabetes, offering innovative solutions administered once a day, such as Prozinc in dogs and now Cenvelgo® in cats.

jamfe congress

The 12th edition of the GEMFE Congress, whose main theme was “Reproduction, Traumatology and Behavior”, took place on 2, 3 and 4 February in A Coruña, and Boehringer Ingelheim also participated as a sponsor. And it had the Cenvelgo® stand. Commercial exhibition area.

AVEPA’s affiliated group of feline medicine specialists, GEMFE, is an organization that brings together professionals specializing in feline veterinary medicine with the aim of improving medical care and promoting the well-being of cats through education, research and knowledge sharing. .

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