“Brazilian YouTuber disappeared over Christmas and was buried in a friend’s yard”. daily list

brazilian youtuber, Carlos Henrique Pires Medeiroswho disappeared since morning ChristmasI got this dead Five days later in Itapecerica da Serra in Greater São Paulo.

The São Paulo Civil Police decided to involve a third person in the investigation into the death of the influencer.

According to the version heard by investigators, the new person investigated, a 17-year-old teenager, had sex with the YouTuber before he became ill and died. The two were at the home of some of Henrique’s friends, 28-year-old Renan Jose and Caroline Melo, 24, the sister of the third suspect.

The four were reportedly celebrating Christmas Eve when Heinrich and Renan drank alcohol cocaine, Then, the YouTuber and Caroline’s sister went to the bathroom sexual relations, at which time he reportedly suffered a sudden illness. Friends tried to revive him and without success decided to dig a grave The suspects themselves told the police about burying him in the backyard of the residence.

Over the following days, neighbors began noticing a “distinct smell” on the street, suspecting the smell was coming from Renan and Caroline’s house and called the police. The following day, on 31 December, both surrendered to authorities.

The population and their followers, already guessing that Renan and Caroline might be the culprits, invaded the house, destroyed it, set it on fire and created an inferno there. Faced with these events, in fear of their lives, they (Renan and Caroline) rushed to the police station – said Luis Helmister, chief of police of the 1st Police District of Itapareca.

The couple is being investigated for murder, but if murder is not proven, Renan and Caroline will be accused of hiding a corpse. The toxicological report from the Legal Medical Institute must show whether Heinrich died as a result of drug use.

Heinrich had 1.8 million followers on YouTube and was known for his naughty content.

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