Buy and Sell Dollars in Dominican Republic March 21

Today, Thursday, March 21, the dollar in the Dominican Republic is quoted at the beginning of the day $US58.89 for purchases (variation ▼ 1.8%) and $US 59.23 For sale (▼ 1.6 %).

20 March 2024

Accumulated Depreciation ▼ / Accumulated Depreciation ▼




▼ 1.8%




▼ 1.6%

Considering the past week, the US dollar has gained 0.07%, so it is still up 2.72% from a year ago.

On this day, the price of the dollar for sale in the Dominican Republic is once again located at 59 Dominican pesos per dollar for the second time this year. The first was last Wednesday, January 10, when the selling price crossed the barrier of 59 Dominican pesos, registering an exact figure of 59.04.

What is the dollar worth in the Dominican Republic according to Bloomberg?

According to the portal bloomberg onlinein dollars Dominican Republic Is located at 59.0240 dominican pesos,

How to send dollars from the United States to the Dominican Republic?

If you want to send dollars from the United States to the Dominican Republic, below we leave a list of options for you to send your remittance:

  • Monkey
  • global66
  • Western Union
  • Remitly
  • money Gram
  • Zoom.

How will the Dominican peso perform in 2024?

The macroeconomic panorama report, prepared by teams from the economy, finance and central bank ministries, estimates both terminal inflation and average inflation to be 4% for 2024. Furthermore, nominal gross domestic product (GDP) growth is estimated at 8.94%.

According to the same document, real GDP is expected to expand between 4.5% and 5% this year, with the central estimate at 4.75%.


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