Can a subscription be withdrawn for resale?

Cost regulations: Can subscriptions be withdrawn for resale? / Photos: Grant Beirut and Giblesmash ASDF on Unsplash

Costco’s resale in Mexico continues, a situation that has sparked debate among members and those who buy their desserts and other products, which makes us wonder:Can resale lead to termination of membership?

The self-service store has attracted everyone’s attention thanks to its popular cakes, which have been sold in the informal market for up to 700 pesos per piece. This situation had generated controversy in the previous months, as a restriction on the sale of units of these desserts per buyer was implemented, thus avoiding mass buying situations which, initially, affected the normal dynamics of the stores. used to do.

This is why you may lose your Costco membership

Following the resale of Roscas de Reyes and rotisserie chickens, many began to wonder if there was any retaliation on the part of the self-service store regarding the possibility of resellers losing Costco memberships.

At Directo al Paladar Mexico we decided to check it in its rules, which establish the rights and rules expected by members of the supermarket, as well as several sections that explain in depth whether the membership can be canceled or not.

At Costco, sanctions range from temporary suspension to permanent membership cancellation. Temporary suspension may be imposed for inappropriate behavior towards other partners or employees, as well as failure to follow hygiene and safety rules.

Regarding revocation, this measure is reserved for more serious cases, such as two previous suspensions, offensive behavior, damage to facilities or attempted theft. Additionally, failure to pay annual renewal may also result in permanent cancellation of membership.

It is important to note that although Costco’s policies do not specifically mention reselling as a reason for losing membership, any behavior associated with this practice that violates company rules may result in a sanction. Is.

Cost regulations: Can subscriptions be withdrawn for resale? / Photo: Unsplash

Costco’s rules play an important role in this context by clearly establishing the rights, standards and expectations expected of its members. If you violate these rules, members may face two types of sanctions: temporary suspension or cancellation of membership.

It is important to note that although reselling does not directly result in loss of membership, any conduct that violates Costco rules may result in penalties. These rules apply not only to merchants involved in reselling, but also to members who cause conflict within the store.

The regulation makes it clear that not only resale merchants are at risk of sanctions, but also members who create disturbances within the store. For example, an incident of aggression between partners may lead to suspension or even cancellation of membership, with disruptive behavior taking precedence over the specific issue of wholesale resale in imposing internal company sanctions.

Cost regulations: Can subscriptions be withdrawn for resale? / Costco regulation capture

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