Check signed by Steve Jobs could break record at auction

It is now common to see some items related to Steve Jobs And the story of Apple being sold for a lot of money. it’s about this time A historic check signed by Jobs to pay the Apple phone billWhich has been auctioned for thousands of dollars. And this is not the first time.

Several checks signed by Steve Jobs have already gone up for auction and sold for hundreds of dollars. The history of Apple interests many people and there are many people who are willing to pay for these types of items. Even if it is just a piece of paper. A piece of paper, yes, with great value,

A check about 50 years old, in very good condition and very valuable

Pure history. The check is almost 50 years old and matches Apple’s first week, as it is dated Apple was founded on July 8, 1976 and April 1 of the same year,

You can also see on the check that it is written “From the account of Apple Computer Company” And the company’s first official address is in Palo Alto, California. According to the auction company, The check is in very good condition., And they describe it this way:

Check signed by Steve JobsCheck signed by Steve Jobs

Check signed by Steve Jobs

“A check signed by Jobs that pays Apple Computer’s phone bill on June 29, 2007, nearly 31 years before the launch of the first iPhone.”

Of course, purchasing this rare item will not be easy. Offers can be made till March 21 And the current price is even higher $15,000, Looking at the current bidding, it could break the record when the auction closes in a few weeks.

it Check signed by Steve Jobs This isn’t the only rare Apple item that the auction company has, they also have Apple-1 signed by Steve Wozniak, an Apple Lisa in its original box, a Macintosh mouse prototype, a Newton MessagePad and an original unopened iPhone,

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