Chile is investigating links between Tarek Al Aissami and one of the fugitives from the murder of former Venezuelan soldier Ronald Ojeda.

Walter Rodriguez Perez and Tarek El Aissami

Investigation into the kidnapping and murder of a former Venezuelan soldier. Ronald Ojeda Moreno The investigation, whose body was found last Friday under cement in an unregulated camp in Chile, continues to advance and provide new clues. This is known now One of the fugitives may have links to Tarek Al AissamiFormer Vice President of Venezuela and, at the time, strongman of Chavismo.

One of the objectives of the investigation was emphasized this Tuesday Probable motive for the crime After it came to light that one of the fugitives, Walter Rodriguez Perez, worked for el aissami, As published MercuryNow this information will have to be confirmed by the Organized Crime and Murder Team of the Prosecutor’s Office of Chile in collaboration with the Investigative Police (PDI) of that country.

Earlier this week, it was reported Walter Rodriguez Perezwho would be one of the leaders behind the operation that ultimately ended Ojeda’s life, He is accused of being an accessory to the crime.,

Although the prosecutor Angel Valencia He explained that the proceedings continued with utmost secrecy, it was he himself who said that Rodríguez Pérez “would have been in charge”.Ojeda’s monitoring and transferin the commune of Maipu, where police officers found his body.

The officer indicated that the suspect, whose whereabouts are not yet known, “Current arrest warrant for his alleged involvement in three other kidnappingsRelated to the search for “In the Country, One of Them”Three dead bodies in Kurakawi in April last year,

Data is available on the page of Venezuelan Social Security Institute they specify it Rodríguez Pérez worked for about two months in the office of the former Vice President of Venezuela in 2015when the latter was governor of Aragua.

Taking into account the above, the Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation based on this information to confirm it, considering that it could help to clarify the crime.

So far, The only person arrested for Ojeda’s murder is a 17-year-old Venezuelan boyentered the country irregularly and is linked to aragua trainWhich was formalized this Monday for the kidnapping of the soldier.

Investigators to find Venezuelan teen They followed the routes of the cars used in the kidnappings, Reviewing public and commercial security cameras. The face of the youth, who was kept in temporary custody for 60 days in the gas pump chamber, came to light for the first time because he is a minor.

According to the investigation, the subject “went to the Independência commune and, according to the analysis of his call traffic, stayed there between 10:22 pm and 11:44 pm.” Subsequently, at 3:20 in the morning, he and his partner went to the scene of the incident (…), provided assistance and cover to remove three men, falsely posing as police officers, who were fleeing the scene. . The company car of the second, identified as a Hyundai I10 (…) in which the victim and two other members of the criminal group were loaded.

Total, Three vehicles were identified If: A Hyundai, a Chevrolet Sail and a Nissan Versa,

Tarek El Aissami was the Vice President and former Petroleum Minister of Venezuela.

It was also established There will be three direct perpetrators of the crimeHowever other criminals participated in the preparation of the crime and others participated in concealing Ojeda.

The investigation made it possible to determine At least seven people participated in the events, with varying degrees of responsibility. Some of these subjects were already being investigated for other kidnappings and violent crimes.

A PDI report states that “According to an analysis of security cameras at the scene of the incident related to the victim’s home, It was possible to establish access to privileged information To immediately enter the victim’s house, since the lift was not visible from the hall area, there was no suspicion or search when the victim went to the apartment.”

The same document identified third parties as suspects who were able to provide this information, because a few days before the crime, on February 12, they visited, as an inspection and without any reason, the building where the uniformed persons Lived.

“We went in front of a building in the Independência commune, where we parked around 11:30 p.m., to smoke marijuana until about 1:00 a.m.” This is how the statement given this Monday by the 17-year-old teenager accused of the kidnapping and murder of Ronald Ojeda Moreno began.

According to an article published by MercuryA newspaper that had access to the testimony said at about 3:00 a.m. the only detained person so far in the case observed that “a gray Nissan Versa vehicle arrived with blue lights, where I saw five persons carrying PDI The members were dressed as if they were going to conduct a raid. After about three minutes I saw these alleged police officers come along with a man wearing only boxers whom they approached near the Versa vehicle.,

He said that this was when One of the criminals started recording From his phone.

Police and forensic investigators work in the area where the body of former Venezuelan military officer Roland Ojeda was found in Santiago, Chile, March 1 (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

“Regarding this man whom these so-called police officers were bringing in,” he explains, “I saw that they took him to the sidewalk outside the entrance of the parking lot of the building, at the same time that the vehicle was taken out onto the street , a situation that seemed strange to me because people disguised as police officers took the subject in boxers and showed him towards the vehicle in which he (the teen) was staying with (his partner’s name withheld) was, which This made me think that they knew that my friend was recording them. Then they put him in the car and drove away.“, They told.

According to his statement, shortly after The author of the video may have removed it, After the events, he indicated that he had decided to take her home, but suddenly his partner “turned onto the highway lane where the Versa vehicle was found.” At that place, he said, he “saw”Five people dressed as police officers, then came this another group of peopleBut “five people got out, three got into the vehicle that (the accused) was in and two went into another vehicle with the victim.”

As they ran away, he heard his companions complaining and shouting, worried about going fingerprints In the Nissan Versa, “he said he had called his friend to extract them, (…) his mission was only to record the incident.”

He says the vehicles went their separate ways amid negotiations to call a third party to “burn the car” on the Nissan Versa involved in the hijacking. Apparently there was a mechanical problem with the car and that’s why they had to abandon it.

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