Chilean Army and Spanish Mountain Troops share techniques and tactics in exercise Infierno Blanco

staff of chilean army they participate with the staff Mountain Troops Command (MTM) of spanish army in exercise white hell 24 With the aim of improving the winter mountain environment and exchanging experiences.

According to the Chilean Army, the exercise white hellWhich started on March 14 and will run until the 25th of this month, it also contributes to the exchange of experiences in terms of specific technologies, tactics and procedures to be applied in the field.

Mountain troops mount an Airbus NH90 helicopter of the Aeronautical Forces of the Spanish Army Signature Army of ChileMountain troops boarding an Airbus NH90 helicopter of the Spanish Army Airmobile Forces. Chilean military signature

white hell It is considered the most important exercise of the MTM by the Spanish Army, a period in which its training is carried out in a mountainous area during the winter season and allows its personnel to face the next annual cycle, wherever they are deployed. Are ready to happen. , require.

In this version, a Mountain Tactical Groupcomposed of Galicia Regiment 64 And this US Regiment 66 The Spanish Army and supporting units would face a simulated asymmetric threat from conventional forces and local paramilitary militias in the Benasque and Bielsa valleys through offensive and defensive actions in hostile terrain.

skills tested

The Chilean mountaineers’ team is composed of captains Philip Williams; second sergeant Genaro Sepúlveda; first corporal Carlos Gomez; second corporal Luis Conejeros; and another corporal cristian paradaWho will test their knowledge on the international platform.

Captain Williams, commanding the participating Chilean troops white hell 24“Participating in this example is a great opportunity to learn from an army that is a reference in mountain operations,” he said.

Signature of the Chilean Army in Monterey00f1u00e9s and Spanish military exercise Infierno Blanco 24

Chilean climbers and Spanish soldiers in exercise Infierno Blanco 24. Chilean military signature

“In general, we have a similar principle, but there are always techniques to adapt or update, such as survival in the mountains, movement and combat. In the same way we contribute with our experience in one of the most hostile mountain landscapes are in the world”, the Chilean official said.

On the other hand, Second Sergeant Genaro Sepulvedarelated to Third Mountain Divisionindicated that “It is an honor to be able to represent the Army in this winter tactical exercise, because with these opportunities we can reinforce the competencies and skills that we already have as mountaineers. “

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