Completes the sale of 50 million Amazon shares for more than $8.5 billion

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, have completed the sale of 50 million shares From e-commerce giantAs the businessman announced at the beginning of the month, in exchange for a total of $8,523 million (7,895 million euros).

According to United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) records, Bezos A package of 14 million shares was sold between 15 and 20 February. For a total amount of approximately $2,366 million (2,192 million euros).

Before this, between 13 and 14 February had sold 12 million shares In exchange for approximately $2,039 million from Amazon (1,889 million euros), while between February 7 and 12, Bezos sold about 24 million shares of the company for about $4,118 million (3,815 million euros).

Thus, Amazon’s founder has completed the sale of 50 million shares of the e-commerce company.As he informed the market in early February.

The transactions made over the past three weeks represent the first sale of Amazon shares by Jeff Bezos since May 2021A month before handing over the reins of the multinational to Andy Jassy, ​​the company’s founder got rid of a package of 737,332 securities, the total value of which was then more than $2.4 billion.

After confirmation of the final transaction to the SEC, Jeff Bezos will control more than 938 million Amazon shares, equivalent to about 9% of the company And whose estimated value at the current price will be around 156,000 million dollars (about 145,000 million euros).

According to ‘Forbes’ magazine, Amazon founder ranks third among world’s richest peopleEstimated net worth is $188,400 million (about 174,528 million euros).

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