Consumer finds a pleasant surprise hidden at Walmart

  • Walmart and Bodega Orrera were the most popular supermarket chains on Twitter in 2021.

  • Walmart is the best-positioned supermarket chain in the region.

  • The number of employees in the supermarket and convenience store industry in Mexico was more than 722 thousand in 2021.

A man had an unusual and adorable experience while exploring the aisles of Walmart when he found a cute stuffed animal hidden among the store’s shelves, however, the best part was when he scanned the product to check the price. Did.

In Mexico, the supermarket landscape is dominated by four large companies, including Walmart, Soriana, Chedroi and Bodega Auerrera.

According to data provided by Statista, Mexican shoppers show a preference for regular and discount formats, as shown by data from January 2021, which highlights that Walmart and Bodega Aurera are the most popular supermarket chains on Twitter. are at the top of the list. In terms of sales, Walmart leads the market, followed by its rival Soriana, whose main format, “Soriana Hipper”, is one of the company’s most recognized brands.

Mexican consumers have consistent shopping habits, whether they shop at Walmart, Soriana, Chedroi or Bodega Aureira. According to 2020 estimates, during confinement, the average consumer in Mexico went grocery shopping 3.3 times a month, compared to 3.6 times before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regarding employment, the supermarket and convenience store industry in Mexico had more than 722 thousand employees in 2021, an increase of approximately 26 thousand people compared to the previous year. In the period between 2014 and 2021, the income generated by these establishments in the country reached the significant figure of more than 1.33 billion Mexican pesos.

Consumer finds a pleasant surprise hidden at Walmart

Via TikTok, a user named @AngelSixtyD shared how when he went to Walmart, he was very surprised when he found a stuffed animal hidden on the shelves, and its price was also listed at zero pesos and one cent . However, many users told him that they would not charge that amount for the item and likely would not even sell it to him.

This curious episode shows how consumers are paying more attention to offers and discounts, showing that careful exploration of the corners of a store, in search of bargains, can lead to surprising and fun discoveries.

Some comments that stand out:

@Berenice: “But they don’t sell them to you at that price.”

@Rincon Yanet: ““I paid that much for a swimsuit and the cashier wouldn’t sell it to me.”

@Maria del Carmen Huizar Servan: “They don’t sell them at that price, the staff stays at that price.

@engelsixtyd Engel is looking for a deal at Walmart 😊❤️ #parati #fyp #ofertaswalmart ♬ Original Sound – Engel Sixtyd

This is not the only case, because the same thing happened to a user named @irvingofertas04, who shared the strange offer he received walmart, And when the products passed through the scanning machine, they realized the price was 0.1 cents. This happened with Paw Patrol children’s backpacks and Simpsons lunch boxes, although some tennis shoes cost only $60 pesos.

@irvingofertas04 We get products for 0.1 cents. #Centavo #walmart #tiktok #yaestuvosuave #liquidación #ahorro #money #cash #profeco ♬ Original Sound – Irving04

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