Cruz Azul: Turkish club threatens to sign Alexis Vega


Negotiations between La Máquina and Chivas de Guadalajara have stopped, and from Europe they may have made an offer for Gru.

Negotiations between Cruz Azul and Chivas for Alexis Vega have stalled.
© IMAGO/Agenzia-MexSportNegotiations between Cruz Azul and Chivas for Alexis Vega have stalled.

alexis vega These days a novel has been born in the winter transfer market. The forward is looking to leave Chivas de Guadalajara Cruz Azul emerged a few days ago as one (or the strongest) candidate, However, There is a solid possibility of snatching a footballer from Europe.,

In the past few hours, from Vamos Azul we revealed that cool negotiations between The Machine and Sacred Flock, From La Noria he has his sights set on footballers like Carlos Vela and Sebastian CórdovaFor which talks have started.

Early Friday morning, Fox Sports journalist Fernando Cevallos revealed There was an offer from Turkiye to live with Gru., After a period of suspense, another important source reported that it is A “giant” of that country.And amount For which I will bid with Cruz Azul.

According to transfer market expert Fernando Esquivel, Galatasaray is the one who “came in” and submitted a formal offer, another reason for negotiations between Mexican clubs to stop. However, It will only be two million dollars. Which will be on the table to keep it in this market.

Does Galatasaray lure Vega away from Cruz Azul? (@fer_esquivel)

,Topics Alexis Vega: Galatasaray stopped negotiations with Cruz Azul to completely close the deal for Alexis Vega, The agency has received a Proposal for Vega’s signature, salary similar to the minimum conditions requested, to chivas, Offer close to 2 million dollars To release it in this market”Esquivel wrote on his X account (formerly Twitter).

In this sense, the quoted source specified that now we have to wait “The decision entirely depends on the agency and the player”, Given this scenario, “Cruz Azul is aware and has not made a bid, it stands by its offer and agreement with Chivas.”

What if Cruz Azul sign Carlos Vela?

Cruz Azul is already determined to achieve its reinforcement in this market. Until Alexis Vega is resolved, Time may play out in Carlos Vela’s favor which, moreover, is in the position of Free agent and ready to play, As if that was not enough, in this way, he would also eliminate possible reinforcements for the Rojiblancos.

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