Cuban doctors will be reintegrated into the United States through this program

Cuban doctors living in the United States can rejoin their working lives this week through a program offered by several organizations. It is proposed that doctors should work in other countries so that their professional relations are not disturbed.

According to, las américa newspapers Today more than 33 thousand Cuban doctors living in the United States will benefit. Doctors from other countries who are currently resident in that country will also join this initiative.

Julio César Alfonso, founder and director of Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (SSF), commented that direct contacts are already being made with the governments of Latin American countries to begin the first work.

The nations selected to launch this project include Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Argentina and Peru.

real option

“This is a real and concrete option for a medical mission,” said Alexi Lopez, a member of the Green Cross team organization. Depending on the agreement with each participating country, the duration of these health collaborations can be approximately seven months.

The initiative has been proposed as a “way to practice medicine without intermediaries.” Furthermore, it is a mechanism to promote the reintegration of many doctors who cannot work in their areas of practice in the United States.

In fact, one of the difficulties for thousands of health professionals is Inability to work due to not meeting certain requirements. These include revalidation of title or extension of residence for one year.

By the way, former state senator Daphne Campbell also participated in the program. She confirmed that she is promoting a bill so that many doctors do not have to undergo revalidation.

“These doctors were vital during the COVID-19 pandemic and no need was asked of them, so why can’t they work as doctors now”?

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